Naturopathic Diagnostic Unit

At Pinewood, we are committed to providing you with safe, comprehensive, and effective health care. To that end, we take care to properly evaluate your medical history, current symptoms, and goals to create the right plan of care for your individual needs. To assist us in evaluating your current state of health, we use a variety of naturopathic diagnostic tests and health assessment tools to identify the root source of your symptoms. With the results, we then work with you to select treatments that will restore your overall health rather than just remove the symptoms.

Our ultimate focus is on the prevention of disease. Our naturopathic diagnostic tests and health assessments also provide us with information that reveals trends pointing to the beginning of disease and injury. This allows us to address and treat these trends early on, allowing you to continue to enjoy an active, healthy life. The Naturopathic Doctors at Pinewood are educated, trained, and licensed to provide these safe and effective naturopathic diagnostic tests and health assessments to uncover indications and trends for addressing a broad spectrum of illness.

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