Change Begins Here!

Congratulations on your decision to take the first steps to invest in your health and wellbeing.

We hope you have had a chance to explore our website to learn about our services and about our dedicated health care team. With your commitment to improve your health, you are a perfect for Pinewood. We love working with patients like you who want to improve your health, because an active vital life is important to you!

In fact, patients who have been with Pinewood for many years have become part of our extended family. Like you, they value their health and vitality and are reaching out to help us build healthier families and communities. We invite you to join our mission, “To educate, support and inspire our patients on their journey to superior health and vitality so they can live their best life. “

What to Expect?

Your first appointment is typically much longer than you may have experienced with a conventional Medical Doctor. Your Naturopathic Doctor will spend the majority of the first visit listening to you as together you review your health concerns, health history, lifestyle habits, stress level, work and social life. You will also discuss any previous treatments, therapies, medications and supplements and how they worked for you. Your Naturopathic Doctor will then conduct a physical exam if you are in the clinic, or this may be deferred to a later date. Based on your individual situation you may be given initial treatment recommendations to follow until your next visit.

Your second visit provides an opportunity to review your health goals and how we can support you to achieve them based on your history. Your Naturopathic Doctor may recommend diagnostic testing, that is unique to the field of naturopathic medicine, to uncover trends and patterns that point to why you are experiencing a particular symptom and to provide direction on the best preventative care for you.

These first two important visits help define the starting point on your journey to great health. Follow-up visits are scheduled based on your individual needs to allow for treatment modifications as your health continues to improve. It is important to realize that it takes time to feel better using naturopathic medicine. You may notice changes early on or it may take a while depending on the complexity of your health. We ask you to be patient! As a team, with consistent effort from you and recommendations from your Naturopathic Doctor, you will continually move closer to enjoying the good health and vitality you deserve.

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