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Naturopathy (12 questions)

Naturopathic care or naturopathy is primary health care that uses the wisdom of the ages – treatments that have been practiced for hundreds of years. It focuses on prevention and health care, also placing an emphasis on continued optimal health. Naturopathy treats the body as a dynamic organism that seeks to be in balance, both internally and in dynamic interaction with the environment. As such, naturopathy focuses on treatments that cover all aspects of health, concentrating on the whole person. Using natural remedies, naturopathy does not simply treat symptoms – it attempts to find and treat the underlying cause of the condition.

Naturopathy strives to treat the patient’s overall health rather than just the symptoms. Naturopathic doctors use less invasive and drug-free techniques and diagnostics with a strong focus on the prevention of disease.

Naturopathy is a broad term used to describe a variety of “drug-free” medical treatments such as lifestyle management, dietary supplements, homeopathics, herbs, exercise, nutrition, breathing exercises, and more. It encompasses a broad spectrum of natural medicine, of which homeopathy is just one part. Homeopathy is a treatment system in which only homeopathic remedies are used to treat ailments.

Both naturopathic and conventional physicians study modern medicine. Some naturopathic doctors can even perform minor surgical procedures and prescribe some drugs.

At Pinewood, we offer treatments to address a wide variety of health concerns. For a full list of our services, please visit our services.

Naturopathic Doctors are required to have a minimum of eight years of training; three to four years of pre-medical sciences at an accredited university followed by a four-year intensive training at a college accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME). After graduating, they must successfully complete the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination (NPLEX) administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE) to obtain a license to practice in Ontario.

Naturopathic Doctors were regulated in Ontario from 1925 by the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy until June 30, 2015.

Effective July 1, 2015, with the passing of the Naturopathy Act, 1997. Naturopathic Doctors became a part of the regulatory umbrella of the Regulated Health Profession Act, 1991 which also includes Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses. In Ontario, Naturopathic Doctors are regulated by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

The title ND, Naturopathic Doctor, and Naturopath are protected titles. This means that only individuals who have demonstrated the education and qualification to practice can use the title.

Yes. Our practitioners are educated and trained to provide safe treatments, customized treatments for our patients. We will always take into consideration your complete health history and make recommendations based on your individual needs.

While naturopathy does rely heavily on age-old wisdom, we also utilize modern science. Through the advances in science and what we now know about the various systems of the body, we have been able to enhance our treatment of patients while still remaining true to our goal of safe, natural treatments.

No. We will work in cooperation with your medical doctor if you wish; however, you may make an appointment without a referral. When appropriate, you should discuss any naturopathic treatments with your medical doctor.

Yes. We will always work in cooperation with other physicians or medical providers to achieve the best care for our patients. When appropriate, we will refer patients back to their medical doctor for further testing or consultation with a specialist.

Some medications are designed to be taken for a specific length of time. Be sure to check your prescription form for proper dosing and how long you should continue to take a remedy or supplement. If no length of time is stated on the prescription form, continue taking as directed until your next consultation. You may also contact our clinic at any time with specific questions.

Yes. For homeopathic remedies in liquid form, dispense the required number of drops or measure into a small amount of filtered water or directly onto the tongue. Hold the liquid in your mouth for approximately 20 seconds before swallowing. For homeopathic pellets, dispense the required number of pellets into the lid of the container and place directly into the mouth. Do not touch the pellets. The natural oils on your fingers and hands will interfere with the remedy. Hold in your mouth until the pellets dissolve; do not swallow whole.

New Patients & General Inquiries (25 questions)

At your first naturopathic consultation, the Naturopathic Doctor will conduct a thorough interview, discussing your health history, current conditions, and any concerns or specific problems you want to address. We recommend you bring with you any diagnostic or blood test results within the previous six months that relate to your initial concern. We also suggest you bring with you any current medications, supplements or natural remedies you are taking.

This depends on what your health goals are. We work with our patients to restore optimal health and for the prevention of disease. Patients are free to choose how long they wish to continue care.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover naturopathy. If you have benefits, either privately or through your workplace, naturopathic consultations may be covered under the paramedical services of your Extended Healthcare Plan. We recommend you refer to your benefits manual or consult with your insurance provider for details and maximums.

Naturopathic doctors often request treatment through low-cost methods such as adjusting your diet, consuming herbs, exercise, etc.

A naturopathic doctor who has successfully completed an extensive College approved course and passed the Ontario Therapeutics & Prescribing examination is authorized to prescribe medications listed on Table 3 of the General Regulation of the Naturopathy Act, 2007.

The College of Naturopaths of Ontario maintains a Naturopathic Doctor Register detailing whether a Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario is authorized to prescribe medicine within the scope of practice.

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Pickering Clinic Hours for Appointments

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For the best route to our Toronto office, contact Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) for assistance:

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No. Our Pickering clinic offers naturopathic consultations, darkfield microscopy testing, osteopathy and massage therapy only. Our Toronto clinic offers all services; for a full list of our services, please visit our service page.

Toronto: (416) 656-8107
Pickering: (905) 837-8009

Yes, however, please note that emails are replied to during regular clinic hours.

New patients can book an appointment through our “New Patient – Online Booking” site by clicking the button below.



Yes, patients can send an appointment request by clicking on the “Make An Appointment” button below or by sending us an email through the email addresses listed below. Please tell us the name of the practitioner you wish to book an appointment with or the service you are interested in. If there are days of the week or times that work best with your schedule, please mention this in your email.

We require at least 24 hours’ notice to reschedule your appointment. Appointments rescheduled without 24 hours’ notice will be considered a cancellation and subject to a cancellation fee.
Your appointment time is reserved just for you. Please keep in mind, that a late cancellation or missed visit leaves a hole in the practitioner’s day that could have been filled by another patient who is waiting for care.

We require 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You will be charged 50% of your appointment fee the first time you cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours’ notice and 100% of your appointment fee for each additional time you cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours’ notice. These fees also apply if you do not arrive for your scheduled appointment.

Yes. Our staff will be able to assist you and answer any questions you may have. If you require assistance, please plan to arrive 15 – 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

We strive to make access to our clinic as easy as possible for our clients. Our Toronto clinic has metered parking available for $2.00 per hour. Our Pickering clinic has street parking in front of the clinic.

Our Toronto clinic is wheelchair accessible. Our Pickering clinic does not have wheelchair accessibility. Please contact us if you are concerned about your ability to access our clinic.

We accept cash, Interac (electronic debit payment), Visa, or MasterCard

We do not offer payment plans or financing directly through Pinewood. However, interested patients may be able to arrange to finance through Medicard Finance, Inc. at

Yes, gift certificates are available for all services offered at Pinewood.

Yes, we are always accepting new patients.

For your first consultation, complete the intake forms sent to you through your online account. Please complete your intake forms at least 4 days in advance of your appointment. If you have had any blood or diagnostic tests completed in the last six months, please contact our office at least 4 days in advance of your appointment to arrange to have these documents uploaded to your patient chart for the naturopathic doctor to review.
Each naturopathic diagnostic test performed at Pinewood is different. After you book a diagnostic test, you will be sent preparation instructions through your online patient account. It is important to follow the test preparation instructions carefully to ensure your test can be completed on the day of your appointment.

Arriving unprepared to proceed takes time and resources away from the clinic, the doctor who is scheduled to conduct your test, and another patient who could have attended your appointment time. Failure to arrive prepared may result in your test begin cancelled and a fee charged. We thank you in advance for arriving prepared for your test.

Yes, however, only registered active patients have access to our dispensary.

We have a wide range of products available through our clinic dispensary. You may call or email the clinic to reorder your products and we will be happy to send them to you by Canada Post, Express Post service, and Purolator. Delivery charges will vary depending on your order.

While most of the supplements and remedies recommended by our practitioners are available through our clinic dispensary, you are not required to purchase them from Pinewood. Some retail brands may be available at your local health food store or online. Pinewood private label formulas are only available through our dispensary. It is important to note that certain products may only be purchased through a naturopathic doctor.

Osteopathy and Therapeutic Massages (10 questions)

Osteopaths treat the entire body believing the body, mind (ie. cognitive and mental health), and spirit (ie. emotional health, feelings, outlook on life) are all connected and can cause malaise, dysfunction, and disease.

An Osteopathic Practitioner has been trained for several years to deeply understand how the systems of the body (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, reproductive, etc.) interact with each other. This understanding goes beyond the general orthopedic assessments that other manual therapists use. Osteopathic Practitioners are trained to assess your body in a comprehensive way, choosing from among a vast array of techniques to treat the problem.

Osteopaths are licenced to use various techniques and patient education to align and free the body’s structures such as muscles, tissues, organs, bones, and vessels of restrictions to allow optimal functioning. This enables the body to ideally self-regulate and heal the way it can and should.

Therapeutic massage is intended to reduce stress and fatigue while improving circulation through soft-tissue manipulation to the body. There are many variations of massage and several different techniques our licensed massage therapist offers and applies.

A licensed massage therapist provides massage therapy. A licensed therapist has completed a diploma program at a recognized school of massage therapy and has passed a registration examination. Visit our massage services for additional information on our licensed massage therapist.

Pinewood offers a variety of manual treatments and techniques including cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, lymphatic activation and drainage, massage, trigger point therapy, and medical acupuncture.

Visit our massage and acupuncture services for a full list of treatments.

Your treatment will take place in a warm, comfortable room on a massage therapy table in either our Toronto or Pickering clinic.

Depending on the technique used during treatment, you may be asked to change into a gown. A sheet will be used to drape parts of the body so only the treating area will be exposed.  For your initial treatment, please wear comfortable clothes and come as you are.

Treatment methods used will vary based on patient needs and on the techniques used by our licensed massage therapist. If our therapist wants you to adjust your position, they will either move you or will ask you to move. Feel free to change your position to make yourself more comfortable and do not hesitate to ask questions throughout your treatment.

Treatment methods used will vary based on patient needs. Our variety of treatments and techniques each feel differently. Do not hesitate to ask questions or mention any discomfort so that the therapist can use another approach or technique.

Many techniques do not require the use of oil.  If required we use hypoallergenic massage oils and lotions. If you have a sensitivity to certain types, please bring it to our therapist’s attention.

Our licensed therapist will advise patients individually on a case-by-case basis. For new patients, your first visit will allow us to assess your individual situation.

Cosmetic & Natural Beauty Treatments (9 questions)


The following information may contain reference to therapies such as PRP, Mesotherapy, IV Plaxex, Carboxy Therapy, Hyaluronic Acid Filler, as well as other cosmetic services that are out of scope for NDs in Ontario and are only offered to naturopathic patients after non-OHIP covered consultation and revaluation with our medical director, MD, with possible subsequent referral to the respective unit (IV, Cosmetic, Pain).

We offer a variety of skin and hair care protocols and treatments. We designed our skin and hair care protocols using natural treatments, homeopathic, fruit acids, and vitamins to address your cosmetic concerns. Visit our cosmetic medicine and services for a full list of treatments.

Our treatments address a variety of conditions including blemishes, exfoliation, cellulite, scars, pigmentation, and anti-aging, among others. Visit our cosmetic unit and services for a full list of conditions and treatments.

Our staff will advise patients individually depending on the chosen cosmetic service. With most of our treatments, you can return to daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Recovery will vary based on patient needs and on the cosmetic procedures used by our staff. We will review recovery time and any limitations before the procedure.

We want you to be happy with the results of your cosmetic treatments. Several factors, including diet, exercise, post-treatment care, in addition to the treatment itself impact the end result and are beyond our control, so we cannot, therefore, offer any guarantee.

Our staff will advise patients individually on a case-by-case basis. For new patients, your first visit will allow us to assess your individual situation.

All cosmetic treatments are performed by either a licensed Naturopathic Doctor or Medical Doctor. Also, note that some of these services may be under supervision and delegation by our medical director after consultation and examination.

Elective cosmetic treatments are not covered by health insurance or health spending accounts and do not qualify for an income tax credit.

We do not offer payment plans or financing directly through Pinewood. Financing may be arranged through Medicard Finance Inc. at