Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is a simple and painless way to measure imbalances and toxicities of the minerals and metals that are stored in the body. Mineral components are 10-15 times higher in the hair than in blood or urine. As such, hair analysis provides a clear picture of any imbalances or problems with the body’s mineral components. Toxic elements found in the hair also produce a permanent record of exposure, meaning a single hair can provide a clear timeline of when any toxic exposure occurred.

Having your hair analyzed at least once a year can allow you to prevent mineral deficiencies and serious health concerns. A hair analysis can be done more frequently if necessary to monitor the effectiveness of any ongoing treatment programs.

In order to complete a hair analysis, about 1 gram of head hair is taken from the nape of the neck and sent to a lab for analysis. A report will be sent to your practitioner at Pinewood who will then review the results with you.