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The Nervous System is the first system formed after conception. Its function is central to your functioning. Messages generated in the brain in response to external and internal stimuli travel down the spinal cord and out along nerves to control the cells of every muscle, organ, and tissue in your body. Interference at any point along this original “information highway” garbles the message being sent and changes the output further down the line — a muscle is not told to relax, a gland is left to over-secrete, an organ functions improperly— symptoms develop.

As interference is removed from the system, the connection between the brain and the physical body (and between the mind and personal purpose), strengthens. A system free of interference is, by definition, free of symptoms that interference causes. It is prepared to handle new stresses efficiently and primed to fulfill its potential.

A misaligned spine can put strain on other bones and muscles and impede the proper functioning of our nerves, which control our muscles, blood flow, immune system and organs. A properly aligned spine allows the vertebrae to move smoothly and independently and allows the spinal column to transmit nerve impulses effectively throughout the body. This makes our movements comfortable and natural and allows the highly complex mechanism that is our body to operate at maximum efficiency.

When the spine is mis-aligned, it can cause a range of issues and pain. Considering how vital an optimally functioning nervous system is to living a vital and healthy life, almost everyone can benefit from chiropractic care. Treatment is covered by most extended health insurance plans, so take advantage of your benefits and support your health with chiropractic care.


Dr. Sheleena Jinnah, DC

Dr. Jinnah, DC treats a wide range of patients from children to seniors and incorporates several treatment modalities including:

  • HVLA (high velocity, low amplitude) techniques
  • TENS electrotherapy
  • Activator treatment
  • 4K laser which is now known to reduce pain and inflammation and enhance tissue healing.


While chiropractic is her passion, Dr. Jinnah’s interest is in overall health and she regularly enrolls in courses and seminars to keep up with the ever-changing advances in nutrition, weight management and pain management.


Dr. Jinnah, DC can also perform gait scans to help analyze patient foot biomechanics. She will then recommend and order custom orthotic products which, in turn address specific imbalance and biomechanical misalignment (e.g. flat foot or plantar fasciitis).


Dr. Jinnah, DC is also licensed to supervise the ChiroTHIN™ weight loss program and is excited by the impressive results achieved by her participants. 

Learn more about the program here


DR. SHELEENA JINNAH, DCDoctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Sheleena Jinnah, DC brings a wealth of chiropractic experience and knowledge to our team. Dr. Jinnah, DC is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (DC). She has been in chiropractic practice since 1988 and has previously run successful…


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