Silk Microdermabrasion

Silk Microdermabrasion can be used to exfoliate the dull top layer of skin to reveal smoother, more radiant and beautiful skin beneath. Microdermabrasion has many benefits which may include improving the texture of your skin by smoothing the surface, diminishing fine lines, improving the appearance of acne scars, and encouraging breakouts to heal. It helps to improve the skin’s tone and texture by increasing your skin’s ability to renew at the cellular level, while also stimulating collagen production for firmer skin. Microdermabrasion removes dull skin and surface debris, allowing the nutrients applied during treatment to penetrate and perform more effectively.

Diamond Microdermabrasion uses a diamond rim to aggressively exfoliate away the dull layer of dead skin. Removing this dull layer improves smoothness and texture, leaving your skin soft and glowing. A slight vacuum is also utilized to remove the exfoliated cells from your skin’s surface. A treatment mask may be applied after your session and will be determined by your skin’s specific needs. The mask may aid in repairing surface damage, nourishing the skin, and reduces the redness sometimes experienced after Microderm.

Results for this therapy do vary individually and are not guaranteed to be successful; clinical outcomes are highly variable.