Project Description

Localized Fat Reduction

Mesotherapy is a safe, minimally invasive procedure used to “melt away” fat, and reduce fat and cellulite. Fatty areas, like the abdomen, upper arms, and thighs are often the problem targets. Mesotherapy is a medical specialty. It involves injecting microscopic quantities of a variety of, natural plant extracts, homeopathic agents, and vitamins into the skin. Mesotherapy may be effectively used to treat cellulite, weight loss, body sculpting, and rejuvenation – anti-aging of the skin.

Mesotherapy reduces excess fat deposits. It also helps to improve lymphatic drainage, blood flow in the circulatory system, and disrupt fibrotic and bands of connective tissue (which give the classic dimpling of cellulite).

All individuals are different and require special evaluation and it depends on the patient’s body. Some patients see results after one treatment session while others may require four to five treatments to begin to see results.

Side effects are generally limited to bruising. The bruises usually fade within one week. The majority of patients experience minimal discomfort with mesotherapy. For those with lower pain thresholds, a numbing cream or painkillers can be used.

Treatment areas will remain fat-free as long as the patient maintains healthy living habits.

Treatments for cellulite may require maintenance on a six-month basis.

Other localized fat treatments used at Pinewood include radiofrequency and carboxytherapy.