Rubimed Therapy

Rubimed TherapyRubimed Therapy and the RebaPad device are offered by Dr. Ana Nozari, ND at Pinewood Natural Health Centre. This system has been used in Europe for over 20 years by many medical and naturopathic doctors. A two year study (see study) conducted in 10 European clinics with 1002 participants showed 86.5% success rate using the Rubimed remedies for resolving anxiety, depression, behavioural disorders, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, adrenal burnout, autonomic dysfunction, sleep disorders, allergies, gastrointestinal conditions, and asthma.

Rubimed, also known as Psychosomatic Energetics, is a revolutionary form of Mind-body-Energy “medicine”. It provides an integrated approach that addresses emotional issues and how they affect a person’s physical and mental health. Decades of research lead Dr. Reimar Banis founder of Rubimed Therapy to develop the technology which is now integrated in the Rebapad device.

How can Rubimed Therapy benefit you and your family?

Rubimed Therapy is based on the concept that subtle energy flows in the body, and free flow of this vital energy is the source of optimal mental, emotional and physical health. When this free flowing energy is reduced or blocked due to subconscious unresolved emotional issues it becomes the source of illness. These energy blocks will cause you to feel tired, irritable, anxious, and no longer at your peak performance. Over the long run, physical symptoms can also manifest. Usual mainstream medical examinations may not come up with a specific cause. However, you continue to feel that something is just not right.

With Rubimed Therapy, these unresolved emotional conflicts are tested and then resolved using unique natural remedies which will dissolve the emotional blocks, restore the energy flow, and begin the self-healing journey.

The body has an amazing ability to show us where the imbalances are. Through biofeedback using the RebaPad device we can get a clear picture of what is going on in your body at that moment and provide customized solutions.

Children can benefit greatly from this type of treatment. Issues such as night terrors, bed wetting, behavioural issues, ADD and anxiety can improve dramatically. With younger kids it is especially helpful since talk therapy is challenging as they do not have the cognitive or language ability to communicate what troubles them.

What are the advantages of Rubimed Therapy?

  • sustainable approach – addresses the cause of the issue or concern
  • gentle and safe – a pleasant treatment that is very well tolerated
  • suitable for all ages
  • good progress monitoring through comparison of measurement results
  • can be combined with other therapies
  • less time consuming – often 3-5 consultations at 2-4 month intervals are sufficient

What is Rubimed Therapy used for?

Schedule a new patient consults with Dr. Ana Nozari, ND to test, using the device, for any unresolved emotional conflicts that may be preventing you from functioning at your peak.  Then work with Dr. Nozari, ND to reduce them using Rubimed Therapy’s natural remedies and improve your health and wellbeing on all levels.