Hormonal Correction Therapy


If you are going through menopause or perimenopause and experiencing typical symptoms such as hot flashes, migraines, night sweats, memory loss, weight gain, headaches, aching joints and panic attacks then it might be time to consider a course of naturopathic therapy using bio identical hormones. Hormone replacement therapy is meant to replace the hormones that [...]

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Foods to Avoid to Halt Candida Yeast Infections


You have probably heard the saying, “Food is medicine.” This is particularly true when it comes to preventing and treating yeast infections because yeast is a living organism that can only thrive if you feed it the foods that it loves such as - Aged cheeses such as smoky Gouda, old cheddar, Oka Alcohol of [...]

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Natural Treatment for BV


Vaginitis is a common and very persistent condition that can be very difficult to cure, especially if you have bacterial vaginitis. Bacterial vaginitis, or BV as it is known describes a chronic inflammation of vaginal tissues that never seems to go away. The Vicious Cycle of BV When you have bacterial vaginosis it seems almost [...]

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Vegan Sources of the Amino Acid Cysteine for Gorgeous Hair


Sometimes, when people go on a calorie-restricted diet, they might find themselves suffering from a small amount of hair loss. This is why it might be essential for you to take the amino acid supplied cysteine whenever you are fasting or on a low calorie diet. Amino Acids and Your Hair If you want hair [...]

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16 Quick Tips to Help Keep Lost Weight Off for Good


At the Pinewood Health Institute we offer several different programs to help you lose weight including diets that include HCG injections combined calorie-restricted diets. Once you have gone through this type of program, it should then becomes your goal to keep that weight off for good by maintaining some healthy habits. Here are sixteen quick [...]

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