Aging is simply the process of growing older. Growing older is not an illness but the passing years do make the body more vulnerable to the cell degeneration that eventually leads to disease. Of course, there is no cure for aging, but there are quite a few things you can personally do, to at least slow down the process of free radical oxidization.

Symptoms of Aging

Common symptoms of aging include –

  • issues to do with appearance such as age spots cellulite, loss of hair, sagging skin, weight gain, and wrinkling
  • degradation the musculoskeletal system such as bone loss, loss of physical stamina, loss of flexibility and arthritis
  • ailments to do with the cardiovascular system such as fatigue, breathlessness,hardening of the arteries, and varicose veins
  • troubles with the digestive system such heartburn and constipation and gastrointestinal imbalance
  • afflictions of the mind such as memory loss, loss of concentration, depression, and insomnia

A Toronto Naturopath’s Anti-Aging Strategies

There are scores of strategies that you can adopt to help slowdown and also mitigate it’s effects.

#1 –- Watch what you drink. Drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of pure water a day. Stop drinking all alcohol except for one glass of red wine a day (if it is medically advisable) and stay away from carbonated drinks of all kinds, which can be ridden with sugar, sodium and artificial sweeteners

#2 — Stop inhaling toxins. Avoid smoking cigarettes, which can cause accelerated aging.

#3 — Fight free radical damage Take a high quality multi-vitamin and mineral complex every day to ensure the proper function of all systems in the body. Be sure to include co-enzyme Q 10 in your regiment to improve cellular oxygenation, Vitamin D to improve your mood an boost your immune system and Vitamins E and C to fight the free radicals that cause aging.

#4 — Nourish your skeletal-muscular system! To deal with degenerative conditions to do with the bones take a balanced calcium and magnesium supplement, unless advised not to do so because of possible medication interactions.

#5 — Keep moving! Exercise regularly at least for one hour every day and make sure that you are performing both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, unless otherwise advised by a medical doctor.

#7 — Protect your skin! Wear sunscreen and a hat with a big broad brim to when you go outside to prevent premature wrinkling from UV rays. It is also a good idea to take collagen, silica supplements to strengthen hair, skin and bones.

#8 — Practice prevention. Yet another strategy is to make sure you see a doctor the minute you have a symptom to prevent it from doing damage to your cells. Regular visits to a dentist are also important as gum disease can cause a problem with your heart.

Aging, of course, is ultimately fatal but you can delay it by eating a good diet, exercising regularly and taking other measures to take care of yourself.

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