Foods that treat nausea may be recommended.

Naturopathic medicine cannot cure cancer but naturopathic cancer support can help patients manage some of the symptoms of the disease or the side effects of some of the treatments. While the patient is in recovery, naturopathic medicine can also help the patient strengthen the body, achieve better pain endurance and recuperate quickly.

The Canadian Cancer Society recommends that patients seek out naturopathic medicine as complementary theory on the supports and services page of their website. Every individual is different but The Canadian Cancer Society does recommend special diets, nutritional counseling, fasting, enemas, as well as herbal, vitamin or mineral remedies.

3 Main Ways Naturopathic Doctors Provide Cancer Support

When interviewing and assessing a new cancer patient, a naturopathic doctor likely has 3 goals in mind: reducing chemotherapy side effects, improving the quality of life and support during remission.

#1 Reducing Chemotherapy and Radiation Side Effects

A primary goal of naturopathic treatment is to reduce the terrible side effects that chemotherapy and radiation can have on the body. A gentler clean diet and supplements may be recommended to treat the nausea and diarrhea caused by chemotherapy.

#2 Improving Quality of Life

Patients may feel depressed, burnt-put or a bit sad during their cancer treatments and a naturopath can help you including massage, acupuncture, supplements and special nutrition as part of a coping strategy. Keeping yourself as well as possible, emotionally, mentally and physically, while your oncologist takes care of eradicating your cancer can lead to a good outcome.

#3 Support During Remission

Once your cancer is in remission, your naturopathic doctor will help you make the lifestyle changes that you need to discourage cancer from taking over your body once again. The goal is to make your body a less hospitable environment for cancer cells to take hold and extend your remission from the disease as long as possible.

Be Sure to Thoroughly Explain Your Medical Situation to the Naturopath

It is important to find a naturopathic doctor who has clinical experience treating cancer patients over the year, as each individual case is different. During your first consultation with your naturopathic doctor be sure to describe in detail, the types of treatments you are having and any medications that you on. This is important as some vitamin and mineral treatments might affect conventional treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Some naturopathic treatments might also interact with over the counter drugs, which could also endanger your health.

Services provided at the Pinewood Natural Health clinic include naturopathic medicine including acupuncture, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies and dietary counseling and homeopathy. Our integrated practice has a special focus on anti-aging therapies, weight loss, allergy testing, therapeutic massage and cancer support. Feel free to contact us online to ask questions or book an appointment. You can also call us at our Toronto Clinic at (416) 556-8100 or at the Pickering Clinic (905) 427-0057.

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