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Ontario is known for its long, hot and humid summers that naturally facilitate the growth of mold. Mold and mildew, too, can be the culprit behind all kinds of allergic symptoms, as well as asthma, joint paint, brain fogginess, itchiness and inflammation and you can find mold everywhere, in your bathroom, kitchen, in your mattress, inside your humidifier and air conditioners and even in your clothing.

The worst type of mold is black mold, which is so toxic, you must call a professional cleaning service with employees that wear appropriate gear to remove it. Black mold can be identified by the color it is is named after and is easy to identify.

The good news is that you do not have to go out and buy an expensive toxic, commercial mold killer to remove mold from your dwelling and things. One of the issues that some people have with commercial mold killers is a chemical sensitivity to the ingredients that may cause similar symptoms to the ones caused by the mold killer in the first place.

All Purpose Natural Mold Killer Recipe

This recipe for All-Purpose Natural Mold Killer can be used on just about any surface including painted wood and sheet rock. It is basicially a mixture of tea tree oil and vinegar.

Tea tree oil works to destroy mold because it is a very strong anti-fungal agent. Vinegar is also a mold killer and it does not grow bacteria like water or other substances. It can be stored forever without having to be discarded.

The recipe:

2 tsp tea tree oil

2 cups vinegar

Combine the tea tree oil and vinegar in a spray bottle and shake. Spray the solution onto the mold and leave it to dry for two hours. This gives the cleaner time to kill the mold spores. Spray it a second time and wipe the mold away with a cloth or paper towel. Be sure to discard the moldy cloths afterwards.

Natural Mold Killer For Wood

Straight Hydrogen peroxide assists with killing mold on wood. Simply fill a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and spray the moldy are. Wipe the mold off of the surface with clean cloth.

Natural Mold Killer Recipe for Leather

This recipe is is specifically meant to treat mold that grows on leather.

The recipe:

1 cup rubbing alcohol

1 cup water.

Pour the alcohol and water into a spray bottle. Spray the leather item with the mold with the mixture. Let it sit on the fabric two hours and then wipe the mold away with a soft cloth

When cleaning with any of these mixtures make sure the room is well-ventilated. If you are sensitive to mold or strong smells you might want to consider having someone else do the cleaning. To prevent mold from growing in your home in the first place try buying a dehumidifier to take the water out of the air. Mold thrives in damp places such as bathrooms and basements.

Once again if you do suspect that you do have black mold than do not try to remove it yourself. Call the experts in to remove it thoroughly and safely from your life

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