You can catch a bad mood on social media. A study about viral happiness on social media accomplished at the University of California found that one negative post tended to catch on and influence the mood of many other posts, making anxiety, anger and other emotions viral.

The researchers concluded that public well-being can be easily manipulated in this way, which means that a bad mood could be very contagious in the age of the corona virus as there is so much reposting of “bad news.” Another research paper published in Computers in Human Behavior in 2018 calle People Tend to Wind Down, Not Up, When They Browse Social Media established that spending too much time on Facebook dampens mood because they often expect to feel better after browsing this social network but instead often feel worse!. The study also suggested this might be due to people feeling shame, as after looking for a way to cheer up while in self-isolation, they conclude that their browsing was a waste of time.

According to another research paper published in Pubmed in 2010 found that spending too much time on social media and being exposed to negativity can cause excessive depression and rumination. It also leads to corumination, which refers to the excessive discussion of problems within friendships, including repeated conversations, conjecture about causes, and heightened focus on negative emotions. Gossip, bullying, and compulsive posting become issues, especially when topics like the pandemic, racism, and politics are continually debated online.

According to an article published by the Endocrine Society in 2011 exposure to cell phone and laptop screens eight hours before bedtime can drastically interfere with sleep. An addiction to the news or need to contact loved ones has many connecting on social devices, bathing in “dim light” which suppresses melatonin production impacting sleep, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and your body’s ability to regulate itself. This does not allow your body to repair itself

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