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As the Covid-19 virus is relatively new, there have been no big studies done about whether or not the virus can be spread by the water droplets that are propelled through an air conditioner. However, it is difficult not to speculate whether or not the droplets spread my coughing, sneezing and talking can enter air conditioning and spread it throughout the home. According to an article in Occupational Healthy & Safety University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Professor Erin Bromage, a single breath releases 50 to 50,000 droplets. If a person coughs or sneezes, 200,000,000 viral particles go everywhere. Droplets can be caught up in the air and vaporized many times as your air conditioner works to keep your area cool.

If you would like to avoid turning on your conditioner, and perhaps spreading the virus the try the following tips.

  • Apply chilled cloths to your wrists and the back of your neck. These are pulse points that help you feel cooler. You can also put a hot water bottle in the freezer and sleep with it behind your neck or on your feet.
  • Try the fan and bowl of ice trick. Fill a mixing bowl with ice or position an ice pack so that chilled air is blown through the room. At night you can also try blowing hot air out of the room, rather than trying to blow hot air into your space.
  • Keep your blinds and or curtains closed. This helps to prevent a “greenhouse effect” where heat is amplified unshuttered spaces. If you invest in dark or black shades or curtain you can lower your inside temperature up to 20 degrees in rooms. Darkening rooms is especially effective if you close the blinds on south and west –facing window. This is also works well if it is cooler at night. You let the cool night air in and then close the shades as the sun rises to let cool air stay in the house all day.
  • Try sleeping on cotton sheets and buckwheat pillows. This type of bedding does not hold onto the heat like flannel or polyester fleece sheets or pillows. You can also try putting your sheets and pillowcases in the freezer.
  • Replace your incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lamps. CFLs are naturally cooler because they use much less energy than ordinary light bulbs.
  • Set your fan to rotate counter-clockwise. Some people do not realize that when you run a ceiling fan counter-clockwise it encourages cooler air to descend but when you run it clockwise it warms the air.
  • Turn on all of your exhaust fans at the end of the day. This includes your bathroom and stove exhausts. This helps to pull the hot air out of the room on a hot day and it can also pull hot steam from a shower or air heated by an oven out of your space.
  • Grill food outdoors. Invest in a barbecue and this will prevent you from having to use your oven and stove indoor, thus helping to keep your home cool.

Remember too that aside from protecting you from the corona virus, turning off your air conditioning can also help save money on your electricity bills.

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