Viruses of all kinds can cause great respiratory distress, but also can some of the cleaners that we use to sanitize our things and spaces, especially if you mix them in the wrong combinations. That is because when you mix some of these substances together you can create some powerful fumes that can damage the delicate tissues of your lungs and your skin and some can even cause you to pass out.

Of course when we are mixing two cleaners together we are often doing it in the name of sanitation, but unfortunately, when it comes to this there is also such a such a thing as the remedy being worse than the cure.

Bleach Plus Rubbing Alcohol

One of the most lethal combinations is one that seems quite innocent at first because the two main ingredients are so pure and simple. However mixing 70% alcohol and Clorox bleach together quickly becomes chloroform, which causes people to pass out and was once used as a potion for anesthesia. This is because household bleach, which reacts with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol to produce chloroform, hydrochloric acid and other compounds.

Inhaling or having contact with even small amounts of homemade chloroform can result in damage to your kidneys, nervous system, lungs, eyes, liver and skin. Symptoms of poisoning begin with dizziness and nausea and can actually lead to death.

Bleach Plus Vinegar

Once again, this sounds like an innocent homemade sanitizer recipe but ultimately it is a recipe for creating toxic Chlorine gas. Be sure to use these two cleaners separately because adding any weak acid to bleach will release toxic chlorine and chloramine vapors. The fumes are capable of giving both your eyes and lungs a nasty chemical burn.

Bleach Plus Ammonia

This combination is powerful enough to deactivate the coronavirus on surfaces but it can also knock you out cold! Inhaling the vapors could cause respiratory damage and throat burns. A mixture of bleach and ammonia is also flammable and a potential explosive.

Hydrogen Peroxide Plus Vinegar

These two ingredients are commonly touted as natural cleaning methods, but combining the two in the same container creates a corrosive acid called paracetic acid that irritates the skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs with a potential for permanent scarring.

It may seem simple to avoid these toxic combinations, but sometimes you may not realize that the ammonia in your Windex to clean the bathroom mirror might interact with the bleach you used to clean the bathroom sink and cause toxic vapors to form. Always read the labels before you use any product to make sure you are not about to make a damaging or even lethal cleaning combination

In conclusion, I guess we can say that the old expression “Never mix, never worry” really does apply here.

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