If you have chronic bronchitis from any cause, whether it is due to allergies, COPD (the lungs fill easily with fluid or interstitial lung disease (where the hairs on the lung that normally filter viruses are scarred over or missing) then you need to be extra wary of Covid-19. Bronchitis is the inflammation or obstruction of the bronchi, the medium sized breathing tubes that lead to the lungs and the crisis stage of the novel corona virus Covid-19 strips the lung of the lung’s hairs (interstitial lining) as well a fills the lungs with fluid. This makes the person feel like they can’t breathe or like they are drowning.

Is it Acute or Chronic Bronchitis?

Bronchitis can either be acute or chronic. Acute bronchitis is usually caused by an infection, which can be bacterial, viral Chlamydia, mycoplasmal or caused by a combination of agents. It typically follows an upper respiratory infection, caused exactly like virulent agents like Covid-19.

Chronic bronchitis is not necessarily caused by infection and is generally part of a syndrome called COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Chronic bronchitis is defined clinically as a persistent cough that produces sputum (phlegm), for at least three months in two consecutive years.

Symptoms of Acute and Chronic Bronchitis

In both acute and chronic bronchitis there can be a build up of mucus plus coughing, fever, pain in the chest or back, fatigue, sore throat and a case of the chills. These are also signs that you have contracted the virus.

The cough may be expectorating, in other words – mucus is coughed up. The cough can be wet or dry and wheezing may be present.

It is the onset of acute bronchitis leading to pneumonia that may lead to fatal complications with Covid-19.

Self-Care For Bronchitis Sufferers During Covid-1

Keeping well-nourished and hydrated, as well as getting plenty of exercise optimizeyour general health, especially your immune system,

Chronic bronchitis might result from chronic irritation of the lungs such as exposure to cigarette smoke or other noxious fumes. Allergies may also cause chronic bronchitis.

Environmental factors may also play a role in making cases of bronchitis worse. People who live or work in unhealthy environments or who are exposed to too much dampness, cold or dust are more vulnerable to bronchitis than most.

Avoiding smoke and second smoke is absolutely crucial for sufferers of both acute and chronic cases of bronchitis, as for most people, cigarette smoke is an irritant.

A common treatment that is prescribed by allopathic doctors for chronic bronchitis is a bronchodilator, which helps to temporarily open constricted bronchii (bronchial tubes.) Short-term acting bronchodialator medications relieve acute attacks of coughing and wheezing. Long-term acting bronchodialotor medications contain steroidal compounds that may help relieve wheezing and other symptoms of bronchitis.

If you think that your breathing issues are due to a virus:

Resting in bed during the early stages when fever is present is highly recommended. You should also drink plenty of fluids including water, herbal teas and soups.

Adding moisture to the air by using a humidifier, vaporizer or a pan of water may help relieve symptoms. Applying a hot water bottle on the chest and back may also help relax chest muscles if you are doing a lot of coughing and, aid in sleeping and reduce inflammation.

If you feel:

  • Pressure on the chest
  • That you are struggling to breathe
  • That you are producing large amounts of mucus
  • Like you are drowning in your own fluids

These are symptoms of bronchial pneumonia and you need to seek medical help

If you can’t breathe, call Telehealth at right away at +1 866-797-0000 and follow their instructions or make your way to an emergency department at the nearest hospital. If you are alone or an elderly caregiver with a sick family member do not hesitate to call an ambulance to get help.

The Outlook

Most cases of acute bronchitis are self-limiting with full recovery in a matter of weeks. Most cases are resolved in twenty to thirty days. In some cases however the condition can lead to pneumonia. This is more likely to occur in people who also have a chronic respiratory disease and who are succumbing to a virulent flu or a virus like Covid-19.

Over time chronic bronchitis causes the heart and lungs to work harder which can lead to conditions such as pulmonary hypertension, enlargement of the heart , asthma and ultimately heart failure.

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