Not everybody wants to get bombed while celebrating Christmas or New Year.’s Temperance is becoming a trendy thing on the cocktail circuit with more and more people demanding no-proof, spirit free or non-alcoholic beverages. The great thing is that each year these “mocktails” get tastier, and more creative and healthier, giving non-imbibers more options than ever when it comes to sober living. Here are some of the latest booze-free options being offered in high-end bars lately.

Cloudy Tokyo

If you are a fan of White Russians, then you will love this frothy herbal take on the White Russian, which also contains a dose of antioxidant-rich green tea.

5 ounces green tea, chilled

½ ounce coconut milk

5 ounces coconut soda, chilled

Pour the ingredients over in a tall highball glass and top with chilled soda.

*Drink invented by Christopher Harris of Entente, Chicago.

Honeydew Cucumber Slushy

This is a calming hydrating cocktail that is high in B vitamins.

1 cup honeydew melon

1 cup sliced English cucumbers

1 cup of coconut water

a handful of crushed mint leaves

a tablespoon fresh lime juice

a handful of ice

dash of salt

Whirl all of the ingredients together in a blender.

*Inspired by recipe in Bon Appetite.                                    

It’s About Thyme

This drink has a smoky taste that leads you to believe that you are drinking something a little more exotic and sophisticated than a Shirley Temple.

3 grapefruits, juiced (preferably yellow but any color will do)

¾ ounce fresh lime juice

¾ ounce agave syrup

1 sprig thyme, for garnish

Light the sprig of thyme on fire, blow it out and then capture the smoke in a snifter. Hover it over the smoke.

Shake the grapefruit juice, lime juice and agave syrup with ice and then strain it into the smoked glass. Garnish with a fresh thyme twig.

*Drink invented by Christine Sarrano.

Distinguished Guest

The crispness of cucumber balances out the tartness of cranberry and lime in this sober variation of a Cape Cod cocktail.

2 ounces cranberry juice (unsweetened)

¾ ounces fresh lime

¾ ounce agave syrup

2 slices cucumber

a dash of salt

Shake the juices, salt, and fruit into a coupe glass and garnish with a cucumber wheel.

Inspired by a drink invented by Harry Jamison of Townsend, Philadelphia

Raspberry Fizz

This is a pleasantly tart spirit-free cocktail, somewhat reminiscent of a Greyhound (vodka and grapefruit juice) but a bit sweeter. 

2 ounces ruby red grapefruit juice

a handful of frozen raspberries

¾ cup of ice cubes

6 ounces of chilled club soda

Whirl the raspberries with the grapefruit juice and ice in a blender until frosty and then top with the chilled club soda.

Inspired by a Taste of Home recipe.

Salty Watermelon Cocktail       

This is one of the simplest free-spirit recipes as it is only two ingredients, watermelon, and salt. This drink is very healthy and you won’t get dehydrated. It is also a good hangover remedy.

2 cups cubed watermelon (Sweet Baby watermelon preferred)

A couple of dashes of kosher salt

Lime wedges for garnish

Puree the watermelon in a blender until smooth then strain into a glass. Mix in the salt and serve in ice-filled glasses, garnished with the lime wedges.

Inspired by a recipe from the Healthyish Farmer’s Market Challenge.

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