By now many people are familiar with the black smoothies, black ice cream and black lemonades made with activated charcoal, because “black foods” have now become so trendy. However, the consumption or application of black charcoal is not as new as you might think. It was used by the early Egyptians to absorb unpleasant odors from wounds and by 400 BC it was used for purifying water. By 50 AD it was used to treat many different ailments such as vertigo, chlorosis, and epilepsy. However, it is more than just a colorant, it can also help remove harmful substances from the body, eliminate gas and digestive problems and improve your general health. It is also used to whiten teeth and assist with recovery from drug overdoses and poisoning.

What Exactly is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is not the same as the briquettes used for grilling foods. Food-grade charcoal is made wood, peat or coconut shells that have been gas heated. The result is a tasteless, odorless powder that is very porous and that can efficiently absorb toxic substances. The fact that it is so efficient at absorbing toxic substances from the body makes an ideal poison remedy works best when taken at least an hour after toxic substance intake.

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal has all kinds of different benefits including —

Tackling the effects of toxic mold. Reactions to mold can include depression, brain fog, eye irritation, weakened immunity and kidney and liver failure and consuming activated charcoal may mitigate these effects.

Prevents premature aging. Activated charcoal helps prevent cellular aging as well as damage to the liver and kidneys when consumed with a low protein diet.

Helps relieve fatigue. Activated charcoal helps support adrenal health by absorbing chemicals and toxins created naturally by the body when it produces too much cortisol.

Helps remedy gastrointestinal issues. Activated charcoal bind with gas causing products in foods and prevents bloating and diarrhea. It is an age-old remedy for flatulence.

Helps treat bug and snake bites. A combination of powdered activated charcoal mixed with a bit of olive oil can help remedy the effects of a bee sting, mosquitos, fire ants or spider ants.

Perhaps it is most known for staving off the effect of an overdose or poisoning, but it is very important to take a person suspected of either condition to a healthcare facility and under the guidance of a health care professional.

Things You Should Know About Activated Charcoal

Although activated charcoal is seen as a cure-all for just about everything lately you should be aware that there are some risks associated with taking it. That is because activated charcoal does not absorb just toxins, it absorbs everything and can disrupt the proper vitamin and mineral absorption you get from foods that you eat.

A side-effect that is possible when you take activated charcoal, especially when taken as a dairy product, is bloating and stomach pains. It is also quite common for your tongue, gum so or stool to turn. These are not severe side effects but if you begin to vomit or experience vomiting or diarrhea it can mean that the activated charcoal has triggered an intestinal blockage and that you should contact a health expert or physician immediately.

You should also be aware that it blocks the effectiveness of certain medicines such as syrup of ipecac, which is used to trigger vomiting in cases of food poisoning t can also interfere with some cancer drugs and ones used for constipation.

Be aware as well, that when you eat in mixed with sherbets, ice cream, raw milk or mixed with chocolate syrup, that its effectiveness can be severely reduced.

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