Never put off issues to do with self-care.

Never put off issues to do with self-care.

It is much easier to make excuses than do something like finally go for that mammogram, address that toxic liver or finally quit smoking. It can take some people absolutely ages to make that first consultation appointment with a naturopath, which of course can have dangerous if not lethal consequences. This is often because making improvements to your health also often requires making big changes to your lifestyle.

Some of the most common excuses that people make so that they don’t have to move forward in life are:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t have the money.
  • My health problems are genetic and can’t be fixed
  • My kids are in the way.
  • I have no idea where to start.
  • I am scared of what I will find out.
  • I am too old to have a positive outcome
  • I don’t know how to change.

Perhaps you are lazy, or like to play the victim or simply have the assurance that someone else will take care of you if you get sick. The bottom line is that if you are making excuses then it is because that works better for you than actually moving forward in life you are engaging in a potentially lethal self-limiting behavior. Of course some self-limiting behaviors are healthy and about setting boundaries. However, breaking promises to yourself to take care of yourself can perpetuate serious health problems and the more you put off that check-up or appointment, the easier it is to not ever do it until you are in a crisis.

Here are some common reasons why you may be avoiding self-care.

You Want to Stay In Your Comfort Zone

You may fear the unknown and want to stay in your comfort zone. This is very common with individuals that have suffered a big setback in life such as a mean divorce, a bankruptcy or a major illness. They are simply scared to find and live life again in case they lose their present comfortable situation. People who have suffered a major trauma also feel most secure and safe when every day is the same and no change is possible. A fear of having a psychological illness triggered because of the lack of consistency that making some big changes in your life means confronting the unknown and a possible unknown traumatic response.

Ignorance is Bliss

Many people also take the stance that “the less I know the better.” Often they do not have all the information they need and fear what little information they have. A good example would be the woman that fears getting a mammogram, because she thinks that finding a lump could mean she has cancer. Of course, not every shadow or light spot that shows up on an x-ray is actually cancer.] People are lazy about researching what they need to know about making a change in their life because it can keep them in their comfort zone.

A Lack of Goal Setting

If you wake up every morning wanting to lose weight with no idea of where to start and how you are going to do it then it means that you did not set specific and measurable long-term goals for yourself. When you don’t have any goals at all, it is easy to simply kick back, relax and give in to the weight gain that is causing you compounding health problems. Isolation, a lack of motivation and no desire to participate in life could be due to a deeper psychological issue that may need some resolution.

The point is that if you don’t make goals, then you cannot disappoint yourself. Your main excuse for not getting anything done is life is your lack of ambition. This way you also never set yourself up for failure, but you will never lose that weight.

When it comes to diets especially, people often set themselves up for failure by making the goal impossible to achieve and then when it doesn’t work, as would be the case with this example, they then say, “You see I failed again. Why do I even try?

Setting an unrealistic goal also gives you an excuse to fail every day at something like a diet. For instance, you could have an excuse a day for not going to the gym. Examples might be “I am too tired.”, “I feel sick.”, “My workout clothes are dirty.”, It’s raining out.” Etc. Keeping a goal means making a contract with yourself and not breaking it until your goal is accomplished.

Here at the Pinewood Natural Healthcare Centre we understand the issues that go along with procrastination and the need for patients to have an integrative health plan that addresses every aspect of their physical health. If you would like to stop making excuses and get to the bottom of your health problems, then book a consultation with us about natural weight loss, naturopathic testing, hypnosis, nutritional advice, acupuncture and more. To view all of the treatments we offer, visit the Pinewood Natural Healthcare Centre website that has a list of full services and products at or call our Toronto Office at  (416)-656- 8100.  We also have an office in Pickering, Ontario at (905)-427-0057. You can also email us at and we would be happy to answer any questions that you have about our holistic health services


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