Salmon_0_FeaturedBCAAS stands for branched-chain amino acids. These are the essential amino acids that are typically obtained from your diet, as they are not produced by the body at all and they have many health benefits.  The BCAAs include leucine, isoleucine, and valine and are derived from proteins in foods. These are unlike the other amino acids that are created after foods are broken down in the liver.

BCAAs are special because they have a branched molecular structure that contributes to their ability to be quickly turned into glucose. This means that you absolutely need them in order to fuel workouts and also sustain a clear, cognitive focus throughout your day.

The benefits of consuming branched-chain amino acids include:

*Assists with creating serotonin in the brain, which alsoassists with working out and also recovery after a workout as BCAAs can lower muscle damage triggered by endurance exercise
*Improving insulin resistance and slowing the progress of diabetes
*Lowering stress on the liver by helping to pace the breakdown of consumed protein
*Stimulating the body to build new lean muscle and repair damaged tissues
*May improve or slow the progression of liver disease

Food Sources of Branched-Chain Amino Acids

You can buy BCAAs in supplement form, but ideally, you should get them from eating naturally. It should also be noted that taking BCAA in supplement forms could have the side-effect of lowering blood sugar levels in those with hypoglycemia. However, a study   in the Journal of Diabetes Investigation noted that this same side-effect might be beneficial for those with higher blood sugar levels as would be the case of someone with pre-diabetes or diabetes.  You should also avoid taking them excessively because side-effects such as fatigue and a lack of coordination could develop.

If you do decide to take a BCAAs in supplement form take them is just before and after a workout. If you get your BCAAs from food, you can take them any time of the day.

Food sources of BCAAs include:

•    Egg yolks
•    Organic grass fed beef
•    Nuts
•    Pumpkin Seeds
•    Quinoa
•    Wild caught Alaskan salmon
•    Raw cheeses and yogurt
•    Whey and milk proteins

Remember that whenever possible to buy organic, free-range or wild as these are the foods that are likely to contain more of the branched chain amino acids. Also if you do buy whey protein make sure that it comes from organically grass-fed cow’s milk that has been cold processed because any heat can destroy the BCAAs weak molecular structure.

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