Tattoo ink can spread to lymph nodes.

Fifty years ago only members of the military, prisoners and bikers got tattoos, but more recently this mark of the rebel and the loner has been adopted into contemporary culture, almost like a rite of passage. In fact, it is harder nowadays to find an individual without a tattoo than someone with one. Unfortunately, this trend may pro

This popular trend towards boasting this type of body art has possibly led millions to make an unfortunate choice with regards to their health as recent studies show that getting inked is not as safe as you think

Tattoo Ink Travels to the Lymph Nodes

The latest news is that tattoo ink travels to the lymph nodes. According to a study done in Germany and France tissue samples from inked donors showed that they had lymph nodes stained with tattoo ink. This was compared to the clear lymph node tissue of two donors who had never been inked.

The toxic nanoparticles found in the lymph nodes of the inked individuals matched those found in the tattoo pigments used on their skin. The chemicals found in the lymph nodes consisted of chromium, aluminum, iron, copper and nickel. How these heavy metals deposited into your lymph nodes can cause diseases such as cancer was not detailed in the study, but it is quite obvious any pollution of the body with heavy metals and chemicals may impact your health now or in the future.

Allergic Reactions Can Happen Years After Inking

According to a warning issued by the Mayo Clinic, some tattoo dyes can cause allergic reactions, such as itchy rash, years after the tattoo was inked onto flesh. Other skin problems associated with tattoos include skin infection as well as small raised bumps around the tattoo known as keloids and granulomas. Chronic infections can cause inflammation in other areas of the body and possibly skin cancer.

An Infected Tattoo Can Be Problematic Forever

Once you have an infected tattoo it might become inflamed for the rest of your life. The rash, chills, shaking, sweating and fever that occur periodically after you have an infected tattoo could recur again and again. Acute infections could require antibiotics, sterilization and surgery.

Improperly Sterilized Needles Cause Chronic Disease

Most tattoos parlors are “pretty up to scratch” when it comes to keeping their equipment sterilized and most tattoo artists use fresh needles to ink every new customer, however, infectious diseases are often reported by individuals who somehow have been the victim of a tattoo shop that does not follow proper health guidelines. Unfortunately, contaminated needles do spread diseases that can be with you for a lifetime including, tetanus, Hepatitis B and C and HIV. In fact, if you have inexplicably contracted one of these conditions then you might consider that your tattoo might be the culprit.

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