hot-water-with-lemonHappy New Years! When it comes to wellness, it is important to realize that setting healthy goals for yourself must be a daily commitment. This means that they must be SMART goals, which is an acronym that means that they are Significant, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Based. Try to take things day-by-day and only set goals for yourself that you feel that you can actually meet. Doing just a few small positive things to benefit your health every day, can have a cumulative effect and impact your overall life quality in a big wa

Here is my 2019 that you should make part of your daily routine so that by this time next year, these new daily goals are simply a part of your new healthy lifestyle.

1.    Drink half your weight in water, which means that if you weigh 54  kilograms (120 pounds), then you should drink  1.7 liters (60 ounces) of water.
2.    Drink distilled water or filtered water only to prevent your body from absorbing toxins and microscopic bits of plastics.
3.    Drink a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar or lemon in it first thing every day, to help cleanse your system and hydrate your boy.
4.    Take 2000 units of Vitamin D plus K to help improve your mood, maintain bone health and boost your immune system.
5.    Eat a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables at each meal, especially brightly colored ones that you have never tried before such as purple carrots, yellow peppers, black apples, and orange apricots.
6.    Explore new options adding one new healthy food to your diet a week, whether it be a fruit, vegetable or new type of grain, such quinoa, portobello mushrooms, kimchi, kefir, coconut milk, grass-fed butter, lingonberries, mangosteens, turmeric or cumin.
7.    Add more beans, such as green beans, kidney beans or navy beans to your diet as beans of all kinds are healthy sources of fiber.
8.    Replace one meal a day with a healthy homemade smoothie or a homemade soup.
9.    Add a healthy probiotic to your daily diet, such as yogurt, kefir, refrigerator pickles, kimchi or sauerkraut to your meals.
10.    Stop using your microwave, especially to microwave food in plastic dishes. Instead, warm food up the old-fashioned ways, by using the stove-top or oven.
11.    Walk for at least one hour every day, especially if you are overweight or recovering from an illness. The minimum activity you should do a day is 30 minutes.
12.     Meditate for at least ten minutes every morning and every night to help ground yourself both physically and psychologically so that you can meet any blessing or challenge that comes your way.
13.    Do one thing every day that is only about you and that makes you feel great, whether that be taking a long, hot shower, spending quality time with a pet or cooking for others.
14.    Do one favor behind-the-scenes for a friend or someone less fortunate and don’t mention it. This is very healthy for your self-esteem, especially if you do it once again, as you have let go of the expectation of being thanked.
15.    Make a real effort to make a stranger smile. Meet their eyes and greet them. Even if they do not smile back, you will have changed their day and your own by attempting to connect and change their energy.

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