Can you lose weight if you are sedentary?

Can you lose weight if you are sedentary?

Winter is that time of year when people get a bit lazier, a bit more sedentary, just want to curl up with a good

book and less inclined to exercise. The bottom line, is they just don’t feel like it and I am often asked, “Is it possible to lose weight without exercise?”

Although it is significantly more difficult to lose weight if you are not expending calories, you might lose a couple of pounds and prevent future weight gain by following these tips

Stick to Eating Carb-Blocking High Fibre Whole Foods

Eat whole foods that force your body to burn more calories stay away from refined foods. Good examples of whole foods include oats, long grain brown rice, and whole grain bread. White flour, white rice, and corn meal are examples of low fiber, stripped foods that quickly to sugar in your bloodstream and cause weight gain. Furthermore, your body has to work harder to digest the fiber in whole foods because they still have the germ or hull on the grain.

Burn Additional Calories By Eating Meat

Forget being a vegetarian for now and choose lean cuts of meat. Meat, especially steak is a fat-burning food. If you are not willing to exercise then you need to eat a very high protein diet, which has a thermogenic effect on the body.   When you eat meat you expend about a third of the calories contained in the meat to burn it off. This means that a 300-calorie piece of chicken requires another 100 calories to even digest it. This causes weight loss without you making much of an effort at all, except for eating the piece of meat in the first place.

Eat Gut-Friendly Negative Calorie Food

Eat large amounts of celery, lettuce, raw onions, greens of all kinds, pickles, grapefruit, and sauerkraut. These are the top negative calorie foods make your body expend more calories to digest them, then they actually contain, resulting in a calorie deficit that helps you to lose weight. Furthermore, these foods are very friendly to your gut biome, which helps your body process everything more efficiently.

Make Sure You Are Eating Mono-Saturated Fats

Foods that contain mono-saturated fats that help your body eliminate bad fats called trans fats and saturated fats that are found in refined foods, deep fried foods, and dairy products.   Foods that contain healthy monosaturated fatty acids include avocados, flax-seed oil, olives, dark chocolate, nuts, and seeds.

Eat Smaller Portion

Serve smaller portions then you usually would eat and abide by the limitations you have set for yourself. Start off by serving three-quarters of what you would eat and then reduce it to half of what you would normally eat and you will lose hundreds of calories per meal every day. your foods on smaller plates, limit your portion and don’t go back or seconds. Most dinner plates are eleven or twelve inches wide, but you can cut your calories if you choose a plate that is nine or ten inches wide. You can use an even smaller plate, like a five to six-inch dessert plate to limit your intake even further

Avoid Mindless Snacking

Avoid situations that encourage mindless snacking and a dismissal of portion control. If watching television in bed at night is associated with unlimited snacking for you then it is best not to put yourself in that situation. Portion control should always be foremost on your mind, no matter what you are doing, because if you are sedentary you are not doing anything to help your body work any weight off.

Drink As Much Water As You Can Handle A Day

Drink at least ten glasses of water a day. Water is one of the most effective diuretics that exists. It is free and cheap and helps to remove fat from body and waste from your colon. Adding ice to your water can help you burn up more calories because ice water cools down your body temperature. As your body fights to raise it again, you naturally burn calories.

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