Daquiri made with frozen strawberrie.

Daquiri made with frozen strawberrie.

Is there really such a thing as healthy holiday cocktail? The answer is no, especially given that two big studies lately have indicated that drinking any alcohol at all has several serious health risks. http://www.pinewoodhealth.ca/blog/general-category/drink-less-and-live-longer-suggests-toronto-naturopath/ You can also gain weight, simply from indulging in too many calories over the holidays. However, if you are going to have a drink or two this holiday season, you greatly reduce the impact they can have on your health by reducing the amount of alcohol you use in each drink, reducing the calories and making sure the cocktails are sugar-free

Here are some ideas for some cocktails that you can drink guilt-free because they are low in sugar and carbs and do not pack on the weight like some other alcoholic beverages

The Slender Bloody Mary

In a tall glass mix six ounces of tomato juice with lemon juice, salt, pepper and mix with a long spoon. Season with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, pickle juice, freshly ground black pepper and pinch of horseradish. Top with a lemon wedge, celery stalk, cucumber, cocktail shrimp and either green or black olives. Be aware that the less tomato juice you use and the more ice that you use, the lower in carbs the drink will be. The Bloody Mary also has fewer calories if you minimize the garnishes that you use on the finished drink. It is also recommended that you add a protein like a cube of cheese or a shrimp as a garnish because the protein in these foods will help curb any insulin spikes caused by the natural sugars in the tomato juice.

The Natural Strawberry Daquiri.

In a blender, mix together half a cup of fresh or frozen organic strawberries, one tablespoon of organic lime juice, a jigger of high-quality white rum, a teaspoon of Truvia or stevia and a bit more ice. Whirl it all together until frosty and garnish with fresh strawberries and mint. The traditional recipe for a daiquiri has at least 100 grams of sugar in it and if you use the ready-made packets of instant Daquiri mix, hormone-disrupting additives, and dyes that can cause weight gain.

The Diet White Russian

In a short cocktail glass filled with ice mix together one jigger of vodka, one jigger of whole fat heavy cream and one jigger of a product such as DaVinci’s Sugar-Free Kahlua-Flavored Syrup. You can garnish the finished cocktail with chocolate shavings if you like. Normally this cocktail would be made with Kahlua and be worth about 270 -300 calories and have 16-18 grams of sugar. This version also cuts the cream by about two-thirds bringing it down from 300 calories to 100 per drink. The cream is also an anti-glycemic agent and source of protein, which prevents you from getting too inebriated too fast, a condition that often leads to a craving for salty high-carb snack foods as well.

The Sugar-Free Whiskey Sour

The worst thing about Cocktails like the Whiskey Sour is the amount of sugar syrup in them, which gives your pancreas a real insulin spike This recipe replaces that sugar with a drop of liquid Stevia.

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice combine one jigger of bourbon, one jigger of freshly squeezed lemon juice, one jigger of spring water and two drops of liquid stevia. Shake well and pour it into a glass full of ice and garnish it with a thin lemon slice. Traditionally this drink recipe uses a powdered or bottled whiskey sour mix which can be between 25 and 60 calories depending on which brand you use and the sugar content of the Whiskey Sour skyrockets to being 6 grams or more. This diet version of a Whiskey Sour has almost no calories except for the five or so in the squeezed lemon and no sugar.

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