Don’t want to get the flu shot this winter? You can beat the flu and other viruses this season by taking one or a combination of these herbs, which are three of the most powerful antiviral agents in the world. All are easily purchased in supplement form at any health food store. However, before taking any supplement that boosts the immune system as these three do, you might want to consult with a doctor.

#1  Astralagus

Astralagus is a perennial flowering plant that is found predominantly in Korea, Taiwan, and China and it has been used as an antiviral herb and essential health tonic for over two thousand years.  It is one of the fifty fundamental herbs used in Traditional Chinese medicine.

Astralagus is an adaptogen, which means that it optimizes the body’s endurance and resistance to a wide range of conditions including those due to viruses, toxins, and changes in blood sugar. Adaptogens work by normalizing a number of body functions at once, by regulating the production and action or hormones. In addition to being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it also helps to prevent upper respiratory infections, lower blood pressure, blood sugar issues, and liver toxicity. As it is also an antioxidant it also protects against heart disease and is a mild diuretic.

Astralagus can be used to treat any type of virus including AIDS, allergies, anemia, HIV, bronchitis, and fibromyalgia because it has the ability to strengthen and regulate the immune system.

#2  Elderberry

Elderberry is a plant native to Europe, Africa and Asia that has been used for centuries to treat wounds and infections but it is now also grown n the United States and primarily available as the North American Black Elderberry.  Elderberry has been shown in the past to greatly reduce the symptoms of influenza types A and B and may be effective against as many as ten strains o the flu virus.

The anti-viral and immune boosting properties of Elderberry are primarily due to its high antioxidant content which is for times the amount in other commonly eaten dark or crimson colored berries.  It also has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps to treat hay fever, chronic fatigue syndrome, and sinus pain. The berry also stimulates glucose metabolism and helps beat back insulin resistance.

Never eat a raw elderberry or try to juice it yourself. Always buy a commercial preparation as the raw berry can be toxic, especially if it is unripe.

#3  Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng is not the same as Asian or American Ginseng, and in fact, is not even I the same botanical family. It is also known as eleuthero ginseng which distinguishes it from Panax ginseng. In this case, anti-viral supplements are made from the root of the plant which contains a chemical component called eleutherosides. Eleutherosides stimulate the production of a protein called interferon that inhibits virus replication also boosts the body’s natural antibody activity. It is so powerful that it is also used to fight of the side-effects of radiation exposure and the Herpes simplex virus. Aside from the flu, it can treat AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV, lupus, and fibromyalgia.

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