Soaked Figs.

Soaked Figs.

Late summer is one of those times a year when the pollen count goes up and the result is that there is more dust and debris in the air. This partly due to plants entering their natural autumnal cycle of decay and causing many people to cough and wheeze their way through the days until the first snowfall. This year, however, asthmatic attacks are even more common thanks to the proliferation of forest fires all over the planet. Here in Toronto, we have been breathing in particulates in smoke from several Northern Ontario blazes including the massive one known as Parry 33 as well as the smoke drifting from the south and west from enormous fires in British Columbia and California. Even people who don’t usually have asthma can find their breathing a bit compromised, in which case, some of the home remedies listed below may help you catch your breath.

Steam Your Lungs

If you can’t stop coughing then get out the kettle and boil some water. Pour it into a bowl and add a few drops of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus or Peppermint essential oil (or you can use a combination of all three.) Inhale the vapour to help disinfect and clear your lungs as well as calm a cough.

Soaked Figs

A centuries-old remedy for asthma, bronchitis and whooping cough is to soak figs in a glass of pure spring water overnight. Place three or four fresh figs in a mason jar and then fill it halfway with room temperature water and cap it. In the morning, drink the water and eat the figs. You can also use dry figs if fresh ones are not available.

Ginger Tea With Crushed Garlic Cloves

This interesting remedy helps clear the lungs and flush out the mucus that might be collecting in your lungs. Cut up a couple of slivers of raw ginger and shave two medium-sized cloves of garlic. Brew the sliced ginger and garlic in a cup of boiling water for about ten minutes and then drink it. Don’t be alarmed if you feel a slight flush after drinking this as the increased circulation is part of inducing a cleansing of your lungs.

Onion Juice With Honey

Onions possess powerful properties that can help reduce inflammation and the honey is an antibacterial agent that can help soothe a bad cough Run a couple of onions through your juicer to create about a quarter cup of onion juice and then mix it with three tablespoons of honey to make an elixir. Take one to two tablespoons of this a day to help reduce lung inflammation and expel particulates that might be I the lungs.

The Pursed Breathing Technique

If you are really having trouble breathing then you might try the Pursed Breathing Technique. The issue is that the air is trapped in your lungs, so to force it out, inhale deeply through your nose, as much as possible and then exhale slowly through pursed lips. This technique can really help you catch your breath again if you feel like your lungs are spasming or like you are gasping for air.

Of course, like many ailments, asthma might have a root cause that can be treated by a naturopathic doctor and at the very least, a strengthening of the immune system through the use of supplements, vitamin iv therapy, and acupuncture can help your system to resist the harmful effects that forest fire smoke can have on our lungs.

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