Spartan apples.

Apples are in season and they are the perfect food to eat if you want to lose weight because they offer so much nutrition in a mere 120 calories. To lose about two pounds a week there are two approaches to eating apples.  The first approach involves more fasting than the other and the second involves using the apple as a carb blocker.

Regimen #1: The Apple Fast – Try eating nothing but raw apples for about three days. This type of diet, that s also called The Apple Diet, The Apple Cleanse or The 3-Day Apple Detox causes you to lose weight because it is based on calorie deprivation. This type of fasting should be done with a naturopath’s supervision and should be accompanied by drinking at least four liters of water a day.

Regimen#2: Eating at least three raw apples a day before meals for as long as you like.  Apples can be eaten every day on a continual basis because the pectin and natural fiber in the apples act as a natural carb blocker and cleanser of the digestive system.  The more apples you eat, the less likely you are to eat too many calories when you eat a meal, and the less like you are to experience the types of hunger pangs that can cause you to binge on snack foods.

Regimen #3:  Eating only apples all day, followed by a four-to-six ounce steak at dinner can help those who are stalled in a weight loss plan to suddenly start dropping the pounds again.

How Does Eating Apples to Lose Weight Work?

*A medium-sized apple is only about 120 calories and each possesses B1, B2, B6, Biotin, Vitamin A, Beta-carotene and Vitamin E.  They are also rich in all of the minerals except for chloride and iodine (salt.) Apples help you to lose weight because:

*Apples contain polyphenols that stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin so that calories are processed properly and not turned into body fat

*Raw apples contain soluble fiber that lowers fat I the blood and lowers cholesterol, thus causing weight loss

*Abundant amounts of chromium and quercetin in apples stabilize blood sugar and help prevent hunger and cravings

*Enzyme inhibitors in this fruit act as natural carb blockers that slow down the digestion of sugars in your body, thus preventing blood sugar swings and the transformation of sugar into stockpiled fat.

*Apples encourage bacterial changes in the large intestine that help it work more efficiently to absorb nutrients and detoxify the body (in other words, improve your gut biome.)

Tips On How To Lose Weight Eating Apples

1. Shop for apples. Any variety of apple is suitable for a diet including McIntosh, Gala, Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Fuji, and Granny Smith. Try to buy as fresh, organic and as locally grown as you can. Avoid bruised apples as they release an ethylene gas that can spoil your other apples, especially if you keep them in the same bowl or bag. Choose unwaxed fruit with smooth firm skins and wash them well before consuming to remove any pesticides. However, this is usually not an issue if you take care to buy organic, and eating the peel can help provide needed fiber.  You should also be aware that the larger the apple is, the more calories it is going to contain.

2. Shop for calorie-free sugar-free beverages you are allowed on the diet.  This includes chamomile tea, mint tea, black tea, and green tea. You can also have any type of water: spring waters, sparkling waters and flavored waters that do not aspartame or sugar. No coffee, milk or soy milk is allowed, but you may sweeten your water with fresh lemon or lime slices.

3. Drink a glass of warm water with one teaspoon of iodized salt in it every morning of any diet that involves eating apples only as they lack sodium. This helps to rev u your system in the mourning. and encourages the elimination of toxins. It also supplies your thyroid with nutrients needed to keep it running your metabolism efficiently.

4. Pick three days, which are not hectic or that do not involve a lot of physical activity if you are opting to do a three-day apple cleanse. This is because it can cause mild detoxification symptoms such as a headache, nausea, and joint pain.

5. Drink a glass of warm water with one teaspoon of iodized salt in it every morning of the diet. This helps kick start your system and encourages the elimination of toxins. It also supplies your thyroid with nutrients needed to keep it running efficiently during this three-day semi-fast.

It’s important to consult with a naturopath before you lose weight, especially when it comes to fasting or calorie deprivation-type diets. To book a consultation about anti-aging, naturopathic testing, Toronto weight loss programs or any health issue you may be experiencing, visit the Pinewood Natural Healthcare Centre website that has a list of full services and products at You can also call our Toronto Office at  (416)-656- 8100.  We also have an office in Pickering, Ontario that you can visit at (905)-427-0057. Send an email to and we would be happy to answer any question that you have about our holistic health services.

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