Liquid fasting beverage.

Liquid fasting beverage.

Are you considering going on a liquid diet in an attempt to lose weight? A liquid diet is not quite the same as a fast and mainly define the group of diet products being should as pre-prepared juice fasts, powder juice preparation and liquid formulas made from concentrates that are supposed to help you drop the pounds. If you are planning to do an all-liquid diet you need to be aware of a few of the drawbacks of dieting in this way.

A Liquid Diet Is A Form of Portion Control That Causes Weight Loss

Liquid diets are basically based on portion control. However, if your willpower is strong enough you could probably get the same kind of portion control by simply limiting how much food you load on your plate at every meal.

The liquid formula diets are supposed to supply all nutrients needed at a controlled calorie level. Usually, a flavored powder is mixed with water and drunk three times to provide you with a daily total of about 400 calories.  Although you are getting some basic nutrients, it is possible that you are depriving yourself of micronutrients and maybe even some elements that science has yet to discover that support proper nutrition.

Liquid Diets Often Become Boring Quickly

The primary advantage of the liquid formula diets is their simplicity; they require no effort or planning by the dieter. On the other hand, the dieter does not learn good eating habits for weight control throughout life. Also, liquid diets quickly become monotonous. How many days in a row can you drink a vanilla, strawberry or chocolate shake? Craving for foods with mouth feel, or crunchy or salty tastes often sabotage your willpower to stick with this type of diet within a day or two.

Liquid Fasts Can Causes Dehydration

Juice fasts are also very popular lately but the danger with juice fasting is that you receive no fiber along with the liquefied vitamins. Dehydration is also possible on a juice fast as many common foods (such as celery and parsley) are serious diuretics when taken in liquid form. Juicing works in the short term but usually, you gain all the weight back as soon as you stop the fast. In addition, many people are simply juicing pesticides along with their fruits and vegetables by buying inorganic produce from a supermarket.

The Dangers of Low-Calorie Liquid Diets

The protein-sparing modified fast diets are often advertised in women’s magazines. They are based on a carefully controlled experi

mental diet. No food is eaten, but a protein-vitamin-mineral supplement is taken. Many of the protein-sparing modified fasts supply the body between 400 and 800 calories a day. However, some of the plans do not supply even 400 calories, which is not enough bio-energy to metabolize and dispose of fat. In addition, these particular plans are expensive.

The danger of protein-sparing modified fast diet is that it has become one of the do-it-yourself diets. As of August 1984, the Food and Drug Administration ruled that the following warning statement must appear on products providing less than 400 calories per day: Very low-calorie protein diets may cause serious illness or death. Do not use for weight reduction without medical supervision.

Total fasting or self-imposed starvation brings definite health risks — depletion of lean body (protein) tissues, fluids, and mineral and vitamin supplies. Side effects may be anemia, kidney stones, and gout, as well as weakness, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, fainting, and emotional disturbances. There may also be a strain on vital organs; this can happen without the dieter realizing it. An especially serious hazard is that the person who tries complete fasting often finds it hard to start eating again.

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