Cinnamon Toast.

Cinnamon Toast.

Are you trying to quit sugar, but just can’t seem to handle going without it completely? Quitting sugar completely is quite tough for most people and binging on the deadly white stuff, responsible for the type of insulin resistance that causes diabetes and weight gain is quite common. Most diets ban sugar but it is still possible to lose weight if you can find ways to manage your intake of it.

Note that all of the suggestions recommended for individuals with certain conditions that require a total abstinence from sugar, especially those suffering from metabolic disorders, pre-diabetes or Diabetes I or Diabetes 2, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, candida yeast infections, allergies, histamine intolerance, inflammatory conditions.

Give Into the Craving for Sugar If You Need To

This might sound like strange advice but it is better to give in, rather than deny yourself sugar to the extent that you binge on it at a later time. Satisfy the craving by choosing a treatment that has less than 12 grams of sugar.  This means looking at labels and avoiding something like a stirred yogurt with 38 grams of sugar or a lemonade with 48 grams and choosing an option with the lowest sugar count available.

Eat Fruits That Compensate With High Nutrition

Natural sugars from fruits can still overload your system with glucose, so if you are going to eat a sweet fruit choose one that is loaded with nutrition and fiber such as an apple or an orange. The key is to think about the fruit’s overall nutritional value. For instance, an orange contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K, fiber, and potassium. Eating smaller organic fruits, rather than big ones, is also a great option, to keep your overall sugar consumption down.

Consume Sugar With a Bit of Protein

If you must give in to eating a chocolate bar or other sweet treat, then try to pair it with something good for you with fiber. For instance, eating apple or kiwi slices with a bar of chocolate can help pace the absorption of the sugars by your boy.

Consume Sugar With Cinnamon

Cinnamon contains chromium which helps lower your blood sugar naturally, even if you are overdosing on a big dish of chocolate ice cream or Danish pastry Cinnamon can easily be added to all kinds of sugar-laden treats including fruit pies, chocolate drinks, and milkshakes.

Buy Dense Flavorful Sugary Treats

Buy the sweet food that you are eating that you love to eat in its most concentrated and flavorful form. This way you will eat less of it.  For instance, instead of buying a large chocolate cake, buy a chocolate bar.

Finally, portion control is absolutely key to managing your sugar habit. You can still have sugar, just less of it if you set limits on how much sugar you can have a day, such as 12 grams in a treat and only when you have a craving.  Avoid gorging on sugary foods because you feel bad emotionally afterward and possibly self-medicate those feelings by eating more sugar than ever.

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