Sleep assists with weight loss.

Sleep assists with weight loss.

Is really possible to lose weight at night while you are sleeping? There are many reasons why this goal can be achieved, mostly because the more you sleep, the more you produce leptin, a hormone that helps control cravings during the day and less of the hormone ghrelin which helps reduce cravings and body fat.  Furthermore, a long peaceful sleep that includes dreaming can help release weight loss hormones and also reduce the type of daytime fatigue that gets people up and snacking during the day.

Techniques for Encouraging Night Time Weight Loss

Here are some tips for encouraging your body to lose weight while you are asleep

1.    Be sure to eat at least 20 grams of fiber in the form of complex carbohydrates every morning and then again for lunch. This will help your body produce the pleasure and sleep-inducing hormones such as serotonin and melatonin.  Nuts, apples, bananas, apples and kiwi fruit are vegan sources of fiber. Other great sources of fiber and complex carbohydrates include wild rice, organic oatmeal, flax seed and whole grain bread.
2.    Avoid eating anything after 7 pm and especially avoid eating a big meal just before bed, as this can disturb your body’s sleep rhythms and ability to drift into Stage 3 REM sleep, which helps you produce serotonin and melatonin.
3.    Have an early dinner that consists of foods that contain tryptophan for dinner.  Tryptophan is an amino acid found in some foods that make you feel sleepy. Foods that contain tryptophan include turkey, eggs nuts, chicken fish an lentils.
4.    Treat yourself to a mildly sedating herbal tea such as peppermint, lavender or chamomile to help you get to sleep and sleep longer.  These teas are also diuretics, which can help you expel excess water in the morning and give your abdomen a flatter appearance.
5.    Take 600 grams of calcium and 400 grams of magnesium before you go to sleep to relax your muscles and h promote a long restful sleep.
6.    Turn the lights, television, and computer off before you go to sleep.  The darker your room is, the more likely your pituitary gland is to produce melatonin, which assists with weight loss at night.
7.    Avoid having a nightcap before you go to sleep. Alcohol is difficult to metabolize and disrupts your sleep. It can also cause bloating which can cause you to look fatter than you actually are.

If avoiding eating anything after 7 pm, is leaving you feeling hungry, trying eating a cup of cottage cheese, which is rich in casein protein. Casein protein makes you feel full and promotes sleep. You can also eat a 1 cup of Greek yogurt

Finally keep in mind that sleeping or eight hours burns an average of 500 calories or most people, so that is more than most people burn exercising or an hour in the gym.

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