Menopause can cause a surprising weight gain.

Menopause can cause a surprising weight gain.

Are you one of the millions of women who are experiencing weight gain during menopause? This perfectly natural reaction to mid-life changes in the way your body produces hormones can be absolutely exasperating, especially if you are used to being a much slimmer individual. Thankfully there are some lifestyle changes that you can make to help avoid packing on the pounds while your physicality goes through this transformative rite of passage.

Why Do You Gain Weight During Menopause?

There are several reasons why people gain weight during menopause and most of it is due to hormonal changes:

•    Hormonal changes cause you to lose muscle mass, which in turn, diminishes your ability to burn fat through exercise
•    Your body’s estrogen levels increase, causing your body to become more sugar resistant
•    Your body overproduces cortisol, which quickly converts blood sugar into at
•    Your body overproduces a hormone called leptin, which triggers you to feel hungry, even when you are full
•    Menopausal changes can also cause women to suffer from a low-functioning thyroid, which in turn could cause depression and fatigue

Although menopausal changes can seem monumental to fight, you can fight them by adopting a few simple lifestyle changes.

10 Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain Due to Menopause

Here are a few simple things that you can do to prevent weight gain during menopause.

1.    Drink at least ten glasses of pure vapour distilled water per day to help cleanse your system of the types of toxins that can accentuate hormonal disruptions in the body. When you drink pure distilled water, you avoid the sodium found in mineral waters; this is important because sodium causes bloating.
2.    Eat two tablespoons of ground flax seeds a day. Grinding the whole seeds releases the fatty acids inside of them that can help support to balance your hormones.
3.    Be sure to eat a diet that contains healthy fats. The healthy fats found in nuts, peanut butter, eggs, fish, chicken, and meat help your body metabolize proteins and prevent the sugars in carbohydrates from causing the kind o insulin reaction that can cause
4.    Take 400 IUs of Natural Vitamin E a day along with 400 Ius of Evening Primrose Oil (sometimes called Borage oil.)  Evening primrose oil contains an essential fatty acid called GLA that helps influence hormone synthesis and reduce the weight gain associated with menopause. The Vitamin E works in tandem with Evening Primrose oil to reduce inflammation and help with weight loss.
5.    Take 400 grams of N-Acetyl Cysteine acid, also known as NAC three times a day with meals. NAC contains glutathione which helps to protect and repair insulin receptors that are damaged due to rising hormone levels.
6.    Take at least 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 a day to help your body metabolize at, get rid of the retained water that causes bloating.
7.    Take 200 mcg of chromium a day to help regulate your blood sugar levels.  Chromium levels during menopause can be very low, causing inflammation and insulin resistance.
8.    Eat less by controlling your portion sizes. Menopausal women can combat their tendency to overeat by ] serving their food on smaller plates.
9.    Get at least eight hours of sleep at night, if not more. It is essential to get enough rest so that your body has a chance to deal with the toxic overload and fatigue caused by menopausal hormone disruption.
10.    Stop dying your hair and getting acrylic nails. These beauty rituals expose your body to all kinds of hormone-disrupting chemicals, which can make your weight gain worse.

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