"Everything you see here I owe to spaghetti." -Sophia Loren

“Everything you see here I owe to spaghetti.” -Sophia Loren

The phrase “beauty comes from within” is especially true when it applies to nutrition. This is because beauty is not that possible if you are in a terrible state of health. No amount of make-up can cover up the evidence of eating badly: dry skin, acne-break out, wrinkles, thin or dry hair and brittle, dry or thin nails. Other signs that you are eating all the wrong things and accelerating the natural process of aging include bags under the eyes, rotting teeth and difficulty losing weight. You can turn to quick fixes such as make-up, fad diets or the plastic surgeon’s expertise or you can try consuming the foods that are guaranteed to transform you into a natural beauty.

Consume A Lot of the Good Fats

One diet that can truly ruin your looks is a fat-free diet as your face and neck skin needs them to look plump and smooth. Good fats include non-saturated fats, such as those found in avocados and extra virgin olive oil. One should also consume omega-3 fats, combined with protein, which are found in such foods as omega-3 eggs, almonds, walnuts, flax, and seeds.

Eat Tomatoes and Tomato Sauce Every Day

The bright red color of tomatoes is due to the presence of a powerful free-radical fighting nutrients\ called lycopene. Lycopene fights wrinkle as well as a variety of cancers, but especially colon, prostate and rectum cancer. Lycopene also softens blood vessels to help resist cholesterol build up and the result is a great glowing complexion due to increased micro-circulation under the skin.

Consume Two to Three Grams of Fish Oil A Day

The friendly fats found in fish and fish oils can help replenish your hair and give your sin a flawless glow. However, it is important to stick to eating fish with a low mercury content. This includes halibut, sole, sardines, and canned light tuna. If you can’t face eating this much fish every day you can take two to three grams of fish oil in a supplement instead.

Eat Blueberries To Fight Wrinkles

Finally, if you are going to eat one produce item at all to help you improve your appearance then eat blueberries. When compared to forty other fruits and vegetables, blueberries rank as the number one source of anti-oxidants. Eating raw blueberries can help minimize all skin damage, including wrinkles and provide your body with ample amounts of Vitamin C. Blueberries’ blue and black pigments also provide support for vision and the small blood vessels of the eyes.

If you have acne, greasy skin, hair loss, under-eye bags and thin hair, it might all be due to eating inflammatory foods that affect your internal health. Foods to stay away from include all of those that stress your organs and systems including margarine, potato chips, packaged foods, fatty cheeses, caffeine, sugar, salt and flour. Instead, eat more vegetables, meat and whole grains to obtain a flawless complexion, a fit physique and strong shiny hair and nails.

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