Flax Seed OIl Capsules

Flax Seed OIl Capsules

Flax has been used for thousands of years for food, clothing, and linen but recent studies have revealed the nutritional benefits of flaxseed oil. With high levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, lignans and fiber, flax provides nutritional benefits that are important to overall health. Flax Oil is nature’s most potent source of Omega-3 EFAs. Studies show that Omega-3 EFAs support cardiovascular health and may prevent stroke and heart attacks.

How Flax Oil Prevents Heart Attacks And Strokes

Flax seed oil contains Omega-6 Fatty Acid (also known as Linoleic Acid) that has been recently shown to significantly reduce the risk of stroke. Consuming foods rich in linoleic acid (omega-6)–a fatty acid found in flax, corn, sunflower and safflower oils and soybeans–may protect a person from ischemic strokes. Ischemic strokes are triggered when a clot or narrowed artery cuts off the blood supply to part of the brain. They account for about 80% of all strokes. The other 20% are due to broken blood vessels in the brain and are called hemorrhagic strokes.

Researchers in Japan who conducted a twelve year study on the effectiveness of linoleic acid to prevent stroke found out that a 5% increase in consumption of linoleic acid was associated with a 28% decrease in total stroke risk, a 34% decrease in ischemic stroke, a 37% reduction in lacunar stroke and a 19% reduction in hemorrhagic stroke.

The Other Benefits Of Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed oil also contains Omega-3 Fatty acids. Most  North American diets are deficient in this important fatty acid, which is mainly found in fish and avocados.  Omega 3 Fatty acids assist in the prevention of heart disease, reduce the inflammation of arthritis, prevent cancer, heal chronic skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and eczema and improve your overall resistance to stress.

Flax seed oil is also mucilage which helps absorb toxins in the intestine and digest food. This makes it an ideal supplement for individuals who have a sensitive digestive system. In addition, Flax seed oil contains lecithin which can help emulsify fats and cholesterol so that they are bound together and pass through the body instead of spoiling in the intestines or converted into fat. Evidence has also shown that flaxseed oil can help stabilize blood glucose levels and prevent cancer by halting the formation of tumors.

How to Take Flax Seed Oil

One of the best ways to take flax seed is to start adding the oil to smoothies. Flax seed oil can also be used as a base for salad dressing. Organic flaxseed oil capsules are also widely available. It is recommended that you take 1000 mg of organic flax seed oil a day.

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