Cascara Sagrada Tea for weight loss.

Are you looking for a way to burn fat and build muscle? The simple solution is to expend more calories then you take in, which for most people means eating less and exercising more. To do this you can try going on a diet and couple that effort with an exercise program that includes both anaerobic (weight lifting) and aerobic (cycling or swimming) exercise.There are also nutritional supplements that you can take to help you burn fat build muscle. Here is a break down of the kinds of supplements that can help you do this  —

Anise – A mild spice that has fat burning properties because helps to rev up your metabolism and improves your digestion
Cascara Sagrada – A small potent citrus fruit that can help burn fat build muscle by blocking carbohydrates from being digested
Cinnamon – Taken in large amounts is considered to be a fat burning spice because it helps to block the kinds of spikes in blood sugar that can cause weight gain
Cayenne – A hot condiment that can help burn fat by reducing inflammation and induce sweating
Clove – A natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory that helps you to exercise longer
Coffee – Acts as a stimulant that helps curb appetite so you can exercise longer and also as a diuretic
Cumin – Promotes metabolism and acts as a digestive stimulant and natural regulator of the metabolism
Fennel – Helps lose weight by reducing bloating and improving digestion
Fenugreek – A digestive that can help burn fat build muscle
Ginger – This is a carminative, warming spice that helps to speed up your metabolism and relax muscles
Ginseng – A stimulant that gives you energy and that helps to relieve muscle pain so that you can exercise for a longer period of time
Green Tea – Acts a stimulant that helps curb appetite so that you might burn fat build muscle
Parsley – A nutritious mild diuretic that can help reduce bloating
Senna – Helps cleanse the intestines and eliminate bloat, but use with caution as digestive and cardiovascular symptoms can be the result of using too much

Herbal Supplements  Only Work If You Do Too

Keep in mind that supplements and weight loss formulas don’t work to build fat build muscle unless there is an exercise program still in place too. To achieve weight loss that burns fat build muscle most weight loss experts recommend at least an hour of exercise that includes some interval training at least three times a week or a half hour of exercise at least five times a week.

Be aware too that not all herbs actually burn fat. Some of them are diuretics and can cause a temporary weight loss because they assist with the removal of water from bodily tissues. This, of course, can help remove pounds and make you look thinner.

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