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Diabetes and depression can be co-factors.

It is true that your blood sugar levels, the health of your liver and the health of your gut can cause depression? This means that either type of diabetes, Type I or Type II, is liable to come hand in hand with depression, which in turn, can undermine strategies for managing the disorder. This is because a craving for carbs or sugar could become a way of self-medicating the depression.

Are You A Diabetic Who Is Likely to Develop Depression?

No real studies have been done on what kind of diabetic factors make one person with the blood sugar or insulin disorders more likely to develop depression than another. However, it is known that if you have a family history of depression and are a diabetic that you are at greater risk of developing depression in general. The same is true if you are a woman with a previous episode of any type of depression and you have developed diabetes.  Yet another factor that may cause a diabetic to develop depression is the severe stress of any kind including loss of job, moving, loss of a spouse or the development of another disease in tandem with diabetes.

Also for some reason, female diabetics are more likely to develop diabetes than male diabetics. There is no real explanation for this as of yet.

Managing Diabetes and Depression

If you have diabetes the only way to avoid depression is to manage your life and health in a diligent manner. This means being meticulous about maintaining a proper diet, exercising, taking your medications, monitoring your glucose and visiting your naturopath.

One of the dire consequences of developing depression while you have diabetes is that it sometimes makes the individual care less about themselves. This makes them less interested in managing their disease. Studies have shown that diabetics with depression have more complications from their disease simply because they become lax with their diet, self-medicate with alcohol or tobacco and become lethargic. This type of behavior of course makes the condition, especially the weight gain its accompanying low sell-esteem even worse.

Some diabetics are prone to gaining weight and this in itself can cause a depression. Depression is, after all, a disease that causes one to have a distorted self-image and the weight gain that sometimes comes with being unable to manage one’s weight gain only increases the feelings of worthlessness that are a symptom of depression.

Doctors do know that there are some conditions to do with diabetes that might actually be the cause of the depression in the first place. For instance, sometimes the diabetic goes into a physical depression that is caused by symptoms of diabetes. For instance, the persistently high blood sugar that is associated with diabetes can result in fatigue, lethargy, weight loss and insomnia. If the diabetic develops problems with the thyroid or kidney, this can cause physical depression as well.

Treat The Root Cause of Both The Diabetes and The Depression

Treatment options for diabetics with depression may include the use of antidepressants, as well as psychotherapy aimed at treating the depression. Mood stabilizers may be necessary for specific forms of depression. General advice and guidance are of great assistance, but it is often not sufficient to treat the very physical symptoms experienced by a diabetic suffering from depression.  This is where certain naturopathic diagnostic methods and treatments can become invaluable as the methodology of healing is to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms.

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