Skip at least half of the bun!

Skip at least half of the bun!

Sometimes you simply cannot avoid eating at fast food restaurants and if that is the case, then it is important to know how to manage ordering from a junk food menu to minimize the damage you are about to do to yourself. Given that most o us have hectic lifestyles and crammed work days it seems that we are always having to eat on the run, especially if you have not taken those initial steps towards improving your overall nutrition, such as making your lunch at home.

Although avoiding fast food restaurants altogether is great if you can manage to do it, it is good to know that you can still eat in one as long as you have some strategies in place about how and what you are going to order before you go inside the fast food restaurant. The reason that most diets are broken simply because the dieter is too stressed, too rushed or too hungry to make wise choices. If you have a plan you will be less likely to binge on an old fattening favorite or order something fattening because you were persuaded to by a mouthwatering looking piece of advertising.

Here are some strategies for help you to make wise choices if you so happen to find yourself standing in line looking at the menu in a fast food restaurant, even though the best advice I could ever give you is to not go into one in the first place.

Practice Portion Control

First of all practice some type of portion control. The last words that any dieter should be saying in a McDonald’s is Super-Size Me. Get used to saying words like “small” when you are ordering anything from any fast food restaurant. Often ordering a small portion of what you are craving or smelling in a fast food restaurant is enough to satiate the desire without adding unwanted extra pounds in the process.

One way to keep that calorie and carb-laden fast food meal small is to order a child’s value meal for yourself rather than an adult’s meal. If you are in a fast food outlet like Swiss Chalet or Chipotles you might want to be looking at the appetizer menu and consider eating that as a full meal rather than splurging on a fat-laden entrée. If the restaurant’s entrees are huge, then it is like that their appetizers will be enough to fill you up.

If the restaurant’s entrees are huge, then there is little chance that their appetizers will leave you feeling hungry.  Keep in mind that the average serving of meat should be the size of a pack of cards, that a serving of cheese should be no larger than two dice and that any mounded carbs such as potatoes or rice should be no larger than the size of a golf ball.

Find Out What’s In It Before You Order It

Secondly, find out what is in the junk food before you order it. Most of the big chain restaurants such as Wendy’s, MacDonald’s and KFC now have a nutritional menu that they publish. These brochures or posters are also sometimes posted right on the restaurant wall so you can see how many calories, carbohydrates, vitamins and how much sugar is in the product you are about to order. Use your discretion and only choose items from the menu that are best for following your particular diet or healthier lifestyle changes.

Stick to Meat and Salad

Yet another strategy is to stick to ordering meat and salad. This is a good move is everything on the menu looks too complex for you to figure out whether or not it is fattening. Try to order or customize a dish so that it is mostly meat and vegetables and stay away from sauces and gravies. For instance, if you are at a Taco Bell choose a hard corn tortillas with meat and skip the fries with chili and cheese that usually come with it.

Drink Water Instead of Soda With Your Meal

It is also a good idea to nix the soft drink when you are ordering junk food and order a soda water instead. This will save you about 17 tablespoons of sugar per 8 ounces serving that could potentially end up as fat on your body. An enormous amount of calories can be added to a meal the second you add coffee or alcohol to your order. Drink mineral water or plain water instead of coca cola, tea or other choices.

Skip The Bread!

You should also skip the bread. If you end up having a Quarter Pounder With Cheese, take the top of the bun off to save yourself calories. When in doubt eat the burger or sandwich open-faced. If you are not on a high protein or Zone type diet then you might also want to consider skipping the cheese on that quarter pounder as well!

Skip Anything Fried!

Perhaps one of the most foolproof ways to maintain your weight while ordering in a fast food restaurant is to stay away from anything fried! This cannot be emphasized enough. Instead opt for foods that are steamed, baked, boiled or roasted. Not only can an order of French fries or onion rings sabotage your diet they can also trigger cravings for even more carbohydrate-rich foods later in the day!

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