Sciatica can prevent you from walking. Photo by Andrea Rinaldi

Sciatica can prevent you from walking. Photo by Andrea Rinaldi

Sciatica pain is sometimes also known as “stabbing leg pain” or “down the leg pain.”  The misery is caused by the irritation of major sensory pathway known as the sciatic nerve.  This is the longest and largest nerve in the body. Its roots in the lower spine area and branches out into the leg and foot. When this nerve is afflicted it is rated as being one of the most painful of nagging human agonies.

What Causes Sciatica Pain?

There are many possible causes of sciatica pain including infections, tumors, pregnancy, arthritis and tissue swelling. Nearly ninety percent of cases of sciatica are caused by pinched spinal nerves caught between misaligned vertebrae or by herniated disks. Sometimes the problem is caused by compressed nerves due to being obese, especially if you are carrying a lot of weight n front of your gut.  Fortunately, this condition generally responds very well to chiropractic and homeopathic treatments as well as weight loss regiments.

How to Prevent Sciatica From Becoming Chronic

Sciatica initiates when a spinal disk herniates or there is a misalignment of the lower back vertebras. These disks can cause pinching or irritation of nerves in the lower spine and this in turn can cause pain in the foot, calf, thigh, hip, buttocks and back. Even the most minimal of movements can bring on harsh pains. All it can take is bending over, a slight turn or a misstep to trigger the agonizing pain.
However, before sciatica becomes chronic that body often sends out clear signals that sciatica might be the problem. Often low back pain, numbness, discomfort or stiffness is present before the situation becomes acute.  The pain is mil at first and comes and goes so it is not that alarming to most, who might dismiss it as a leg cramp.  However, you might notice that activities such as bending, lifting or turning can cause it to get worse and even land you flat on your back in bed for days.

Never Wait to Seek Treatment for Sciatica

It is not a good idea to wait for the pain to get really bad before seeking help. You should see a chiropractor and a naturopathic once you detect even the mildest of symptoms. The good news is that even when the pain is caused by a herniated disc the pain of sciatica can be substantially relieved by even a minimal chiropractic treatment.  Improving your diet and losing weight can help as can homeopathic and herbal remedies.

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