A banana, spinach and strawberry smoothie cures hangovers.

A banana, spinach and strawberry smoothie cures hangovers.

Hangovers, the result of over-indulging in both food and drink, are practically unavoidable during the holiday season. In fact, many would say that the only way to avoid one is to avoid fatty, sugary or salty snacks and not drink at all.  However, although a healthy approach to eating and lifestyle is highly recommended at all times, it is not always possible to stick to your strictest lifestyle regimen and still feel celebratory.  It can be a challenge to avoid that tempting banquet of holiday goodies spread out before you – cheeses, breads,  and Christmas cookies candy as well as the array of high-carb sugary beverages that are deployed to raise our spirits including egg-nogs, hot toddies and sweet red cocktails.

Natural Ways to Prevent a Hangover

Whether or not you are going to be able to prevent a hangover depends on a lot of factors, such as whether or not you are in good health in the first place, your body’s natural ability to metabolize alcohol, sugar and fatty foods and whether or not you have an addictive personality that stifles social anxiety by drinking.

Ways to prevent a hangover include:

•    Getting enough sleep the night before, as a fatigued body tends to eat and drink more as well as metabolize carbs poorly
•    Eat a big meal before you leave as drinking on an empty stomach can overwhelm your digestive and nervous system
•    Drink plenty of water before you leave for the party as dehydration is a side-effect of imbibing alcohol
•    Take a Vitamin B complex supplement before you leave, as drinking depletes your store of B vitamins and causes uncomfortable metabolic issues
•    Drink a glass of hot water with a bit of lemon and ginger in it to help your body metabolize any consumed alcohol overnight
•    Take one or two charcoal tablets before you go out to help absorb any alcohol and have it pass through your body faster

Another sure way to prevent a hangover is to limit your consumption of alcohol to two drinks (no more than four ounces of alcohol) to help minimize your risk of developing hangover in the first place.

Natural Remedies for Hangovers

Sometimes, no matter how little you eat or rink, you end up with a hangover anyway.  However it is a good idea to avoid the fatty, greasy sodium laden breakfast and stick to the remedies that are less likely to make you sleepy and even cause a painful attack of gout. Here are some natural cures for a hangover that work well for many, without having to eat a 2000 calorie greasy breakfast.

•    Drink a lot of water as soon as possible to rid yourself of headaches; bubbly water is a good option because it can help steady your stomach
•    Drink a warm glass of water with bitters in it to help settle your stomach; choose bitters that contain dandelion, gentian, milk thistle and dandelion
•    Take 50 mg of milk thistle to help clear toxic heat from the liver.
•    Rub a little peppermint essential oil on your wrists and temples and inhale deeply to calm your tummy
•    A banana, spinach and strawberry smoothie can help allay a pounding post-party headache
•    Take 50 mg to 100 mg of powdered organic turmeric to help return your acidic blood back to an alkaline state
•    Drink thyme tea to soothe your stomach, sore muscles and get rid of a headache.
•    Drink fennel seed tea to help quell queasiness and that sluggish post-party feeling

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