Creamy tomato soups are full of sugar, sodium and fat!

Creamy tomato soups are full of sugar, sodium and fat!

If you are still gaining weight despite leading an active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet you might be consuming foods with hidden sources of fat. The simple truth is that many foods are fattier than they seem. To make the problem worse, many foods are not so obvious sources of sodium and sugar. A good example is a cup of tomato soup, which usually contains a lot of sodium and sugar. Like fat, sodium and sugar can also sabotage your weight loss plans by causing bloat, raising your blood sugar levels and helping you pack on the pounds.

Watch Out for “Fatty” Healthy Foods

A common mistake is to delude yourself into believing that natural foods have fewer calories and fats than others, or mistaking too much of one particularly healthy food for a healthy choice. Cheese, for instance, is a very good source of calcium but it is full of fat and sodium. The calories in a Vitamin E rich avocado rival that of an order of small French fries. Ordering salad in a restaurant might also seem like a healthy thing to do but calories are lurking in the dressing that you pour on it. Even fat-free or low-calorie dressing can be loaded with sugar and sodium instead.

Don’t be deceived by yogurt-covered raisins, cranberries or yogurt covered breakfast bars. Even though they may be enriched with protein or vitamins, some of these items are higher in fat than a chocolate bar. They are also usually coated with palm oil or hydrogenated coconut oil, which are two saturated fats that are very bad for the heart and cholesterol levels.

Corn chips are not necessarily healthier than potato chips. Often they are fried in coconut oil, which is just as bad as other types of saturated oils. Just one cup of corn chips provides an adult with the daily limit of sodium and fat. To fight this try buying corn chips that are baked and low sodium as opposed to deep-fried.

Order The Foccacia Instead of The Pizza

One of the mistakes that people make when they order a pizza is to order one with no toppings. The myth here is that you will lose weight by having your pizza plain. The truth is that just two slices of cheese pizza provide a full day’s worth of sodium, tons of sugar (in the tomato sauce), tons of saturated fat (from the cheese and crust) and a minimum of 760 calories. Cheese pizza is just not a diet food! The best pizzas for weight loss are those with no cheese, no meat, no tomato sauce and that are baked like a piece of focaccia bread (lightly brushed with olive oil, herbs and then decorated sparsely with roasted vegetables that have also be braised with heart-healthy oil.)

Sometimes when you are in a place like Starbucks you can’t resist picking up one of the cookies or muffins A single large cookie, like the ones sold in Starbucks, has more than 300 calories and as much saturated fat as a 12-ounce sirloin steak plus 7 teaspoons of sugar. The oversized muffins or slices of banana bread can contain six hundred plus calories each.  And speaking of Starbucks (and similar outlets like Timothy’s, The Second Cup and Java Joe’s) you might want to stay away from the specialty coffees like the café lattes that have flavorings. A Starbucks example is the caramel macchiato. This is actually more like a warm milkshake that is packed with 600 calories and 15 grams of saturated fat rather than a cup of java!

Most canned and powders soups are fattening because of their high sodium and sugar content but one of the absolute worst is the soup that is supposed to cure everything – can chicken soup. Just one diluted can will dose you with 2200 grams of sodium. If you like chickens soup it might be better for your weight loss plans to make it yourself or at least buy the sodium free brands.

Some of the fat-laden foods described above are part of some of our most beloved holiday social rituals but unfortunately if you want to lose weight you might have to conclude that they can no longer be part of your lifestyle.

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