Avocado has a fatty mouth feel.

Avocado has a fatty mouth feel.

Sometimes you are hungry and you just need a quick fix so you can get on with your day! However, the celery is just not doing it. You want something that feels like dessert or that is sharp, salty and has that “mouth feel” that junk food does. “Mouth feel” describes a number of gratifying sensations that are triggered by crunchy, creamy or fatty foods and our need to taste in this wayis very hard-wired and may even have something to do with triggering brain chemicals that keep us in a good mood.

One of the challenges to losing weight is trying to stay away from those unhealthy foods that have that mouth feel that you crave as well as the calories that you feel you need to sustain you through a long afternoon or evening of working hard.

Avocados Help Curb Cravings for Fat

You should make it your personal weight loss and body-building mission to consume foods that are healthy including the zero calorie foods. Zero calorie foods are considered to be ALL fruits and vegetables with the exception of the avocado, which is loaded with calories and fats.

However, the avocado does contain very good fats that help keep your skin beautiful, flush other oils and fats from your system and also keep your mood cheerful. So if you really are craving something lush, moist and that has a fatty taste a slice of avocado perhaps accompanied by some raw fish roe and on a whole wheat cracker is not a bad choice at all. You are feeding your body and your brain at the same time by eating an avocado and it does have that mouth feel.

Get Your Crunch From Sweet Potatoes

Craving French Fries? You can get by substituting deep fried yams or sweet potatoes instead. For best results, you should have them baked. Both deep fried and baked sweet potatoes and yams are now widely available in most restaurants. The reason the yam is so much healthier for you is that they are full of good fibre which can help sweep your intestines clean of debris. Eating yams can also help fight the food cravings that can be caused by hormonal shifts in women.

An oatmeal cookie is not a bad snack to have at all because oatmeal is lower in calories and high in fiber. Oatmeal is also a great source of B vitamins and it can help lower cholesterol levels and clean fat out of your arteries. A cookie like this can really take care of the cravings you are having for crunchy foods.

Berries and Pineapple Curve Cravings for Sweet

For the ultimate antioxidant and disease-fighting treat have a handful of berries. Any type of berry will do. They are fresh, full of vitamins and fiber and have zero calories. They also help to move food through the intestine and also can heal the intestines because they are full of compounds that fight bacteria and parasites. Fat-free whipped cream can help round out the taste of this treat.

If you are working out a lot and your muscles are sore then you certainly should try eating more pineapple as a snack. Fresh pineapple is best and dried pineapple is second best. Stay away from pineapple that has been soaked in calorie-laden sugar syrup as these are not healthy calories. Pineapple contains bromelain which is an anti-inflammatory. Once again you can use fat-free whipped cream to give this food a comforting twist.

As you can see there are healthier snacks to be had and in fact, snacking is recommended instead of food deprivation as that can cause you to binge on calories later in the day and sabotage your good intentions to stick to a solid fat burning work out and eating regimen once and for all.

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