Dry coughs are common in the fall.

Autumn is the season that tends to trigger allergies and the annoying dry cough that often comes with them. The dry cough is generally the result of your own body producing histamines to try and throw the infection off. Sometimes the dry cough is the result of flu or cold bug or even asthma. Allergens that are notorious for causing a dry cough are dust mites, cockroaches, mold or pet dander. Spores from fungus and molds and tree pollens are also a common trigger as is any type of tree pollution, smoke or pollution.

If you suffer from a chronic dry cough you might have noticed that it is much worse at night. This is because the gravity created by the position of lying down causes the post-nasal drip to build up in the back of your throat and then it drains back down into your lungs. It drains much easier when you are standing up.

It is a good idea to try and avoid flu and cold medicines to control your cough as they contain all kinds of drugs that can build up in your liver and cause inflammation and toxic conditions. Many cough medicines also contain stimulants and opiates that are not only addictive, but they can be detrimental to your focus and your mood.

Below are some natural remedies for a dry cough that are effective and not as harmful to your overall health.

The Raw Thyme Cure for A Dry Cough

Thyme is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which is good because sometimes a build up bacteria causes a lung infection that is event worse. The thymol in Thyme helps to relax the tracheal and ileal muscles, reducing the muscular and lung strain caused by constant coffee

To make: buy fresh organic thyme from a grocery store or food market and strip the buds from the stem. Fill a steeping bell or spoon with the fresh buds and steep in hot water for fifteen to twenty minutes.

The Flax Seed, Honey and Lemon Cure for A Dry Cough

Boiled down flax seeds create a thick emollient syrup that helps soothe the lungs. The honey is naturally soothing and antibacterial substance and the Vitamin C in the lemon helps fight any infection.

To make: boil three even tablespoons of flaxseeds in a cup of boiling water. This results in a mixture that has an almost gel-like consistency. Strain the syrup from the seeds into a jar and add the juice of a whole lemon and two tablespoons of honey.

Almond and Honey Paste to Cure A Dry Cough

There is something about emollient nature of having honey and almonds together mashed up in a paste that helps soothe a cough by inhibiting the production of phlegm.

To make: Soak twelve almonds in warm water over night. Add the almonds to a blender with two tablespoons of honey and whir into a smooth paste. Take a tablespoon of the mixture every couple of hours to help control your cough. This mixture is particularly effective at suppressing a nighttime cough.

A chronic dry cough has many different causes and here at the Pinewood Natural Healthcare Centre including allergies, lowered immunity as well as sinus and dental problems. We use various methods such as naturopathic testing, blood testing and other forms of diagnosis to help treat your cough.

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