Thyme contains cavacrol.

Thyme contains carvacrol.

The season of allergies is now upon us and soon many of my patients will also be suffering from colds and flu. If you want a singular, simple wholesome remedy for these seasonal afflictions that will also nourish you and preempt any infections, then I suggest that you add more Thyme to your diet.

The Many Virtues of Using Thyme

Thyme has long been used as a culinary herb, and in Egyptian, Rome and England, it was consumed to give soldiers courage. This is probably because even ancient peoples realized that consuming this common herb seem to make people feel well and strong. The herb itself which is a type of evergreen herb related to oregano, has been cultivated so long that there are over 300 varieties of it including lemon thyme, Spanish thyme, caraway thyme, wild thyme and the familiar common thyme.

Thyme also contains thymol and carvacrol, which helps the body fight off viruses, bacteria and funguses. These substances are powerful enough to fight off candida and ear infections and can help clear infected lungs. Thyme also promotes heart health, as carvacrol also helps normalize high or low blood pressure and clear your arteries of cholesterol.

Yet another surprising benefit of caravcrol is that it functions as a natural mood booster, helping the body to elevate low levels of dopamine and serotonin, It can help cure a hangover, because it also helps your body digest fatty foods.

The antoxidants and polyphenols in thyme such as apgenin luteolin, saponins and tannins also help to neutralize free radicals and prevent cancer. However, this ability to prevent cells from oxidating means that can also be used to prevent wrinkles.

Thyme is not only good for preventing coughs and sore throats, but eating it can also benefit your dental health. It also protects against the harmful organisms that cause bad breath.

Adding More Thyme to Your Diet

One of the great things about this culinary herb is that is widely available in both fresh and dried forms at most supermarkets, and you can even apply the oils, diluted in a carrier skin, to absorb the herb’s nutrients.

One of the easiest ways to add a bit of Thyme oil to your life is to put it in a past sauce. It goes particularly well with tomatoes and eggplant. For a classic thyme dish combine thyme, lemon juice and garlic in a pan with chicken and potatoes and roast everything at a low heat for two hours.

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