Pomegranate juice can help cure and prevent bladder infectons.

Is it possible to cure a bladder infection by drinking freshly squeezed juices? The answer is a definitive “yes!”

The medical term for for a bladder infection is cystitis. It is a condition in which the urethra and bladder is invaded by microorganisms that multiplies and produces inflammation. Symptoms burning pain when urinating, frequent urges to urinate, an inability to urinate, dark or strong smelling urine and lower abdominal pain. Many women automatically suffer this condition after having sexual intercourse and end up on endless rounds of antibiotics afterwards, which in turn affects the health of their gut by retarding the efficiency of the good bacteria that grows in your stomach leaning.

Start By Drinking Raw Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

The first course of treatment for bladder infections is to drink a large amount of fluids. The most familiar cure is the cranberry juice cure, which is to drink at least sixteen ounces of unsweetened cranberry juice a day. If you make this in your juicer at home then you can mix it with freshly juiced apple to make it sweeter but drinking it tart is like drinking a ery dry glass of wine. It’s not a good idea add sugar to your freshly juiced cranberries, as you will encourage the growth of Candida yeast in your vagina and intestinal areas.

The reason that the cranberry is an effective juice cure for bladder infections is cranberries have a lugubrious characteristic that coats bacteria so that it cannot stick to the walls of the bladder or urethra. In addition cranberry juice alkalizes the urine, which in addition inhibits bacterial growth.

A similar remedy is to juice one half cup of fresh pomegranate juice mixed with one-half cup of pure spring water and drink it once a day. Keep in mind that if you are going to juice pomegranates that the red flesh of the rind is not judicable. Pomegranate juice also helps prevent bacteria from sticking to tissue walls and assists with flushing it out of the body.

A good plan is to by frozen unsweetend cranberries or fresh ones and run them through your juicer, but if that is not possible, you can buy frozen unsweetend cranberry juice. Black River Frozen Unsweetened Cranberry juice is a a good brand to use to help cure your blader infection.

Suggested Juices to Cure a Bladder Infectom

 Juices that cure infections include:

  • Cantaloupe, black currant, papaya and lemon, which are fruits abundant in infection fighting bioflavanoids
  • Carrot, collard green, parsley and spinach, which are all generous sources of Vitamin A and beta carotene, a vitamin that is also needed to fight infections and repair tender bladder and uretha tissue
  • Kale parsley, green pepper and broccoli, which contain an abundance of Vitamin C, which reduces inflammation in the bladder and uretha
  • Ginger root, parsley, garlic and carrot, are all potent organic sources of zinc, which helps heal damaged tissues faster
  • You can also add chopped onions and garlic to your fresh juices. Onions and garlic contain compounds called allicins, which help cure infections and prevent future ones
  • The most important thing if you have a bladder infection is to keep yourself as hydrated as possible. This is a condition that is often successfully treated by drinking as much fresh juice as you can a day as juiced fruits contain a great deal of natural healing purified water that is extracted when you use your juicer.

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