Binge eating comforts a victim.

Binge eating comforts a victim.

Are you binge eating, especially late at night, in order to calm yourself down and simply feel better about your life in general? If so then you might be engaging in a very primal behavior called stuffing down their feelings. When animals, including primates, cannot deal with feelings of emotional or physical pain, they often resort to gobbling down food in hasty way, in order to make themselves feel better. You might have seen a dog that is shamed or humiliated do this. It will gobble down food after being disciplined by a human or bullied by another animal as if the very act of eating somehow makes up for the shame. That is because eating, in itself, is a very life-affirming and soothing experience that is also psychologically, of some assistance when it comes to forgetting the past.

When it comes to binge eating, it is an important to remember one thing, which is that it is an out-of-control behavior that tricks you into feeling like you are in control, when really you are not. If there is anything that overeating really does, it’s create an ever-renewing cycle of shame as the results of ingesting too many calories at once result in weight gain and food addiction.

Why Are You Stuffing Down Your Feelings?

Most people who are chronic overeaters tend to feel like they are victims who are not allowed to express their anger to an unjust world. This leads to them stuffing down their feelings. Dieting never helps a person in this situation lose weight because the lack of self-medicating with extra sugar, fat and calories often leads to depression, uncomfortable reminders about reality and a biochemical depression.

The irony is that most overeaters do not enjoy “stuffing down their feelings” while they are doing it. They know the food is delicious but binge eating is often a hostile act that feels shameful and rote in action. Many severe binge eaters cry while preparing food or eating and have lost their ability to taste and savor their food because it has become such an anxious, shame-ridden action.

From Binge Eating to Balanced Eating

It is important for the depressed person to realize that there will always be people, memories, snarls and situations that upset your day and make you furious. Your anger or frustration might be totally justified but your mission is not to deny those feelings, but to react to them in ways that benefit you and that do not involve food. It does not matter how badly someone else is acting and seemingly “causing you” to eat. You need to be mindful of your feelings and what triggers you to eat too much. You need to see yourself as a proactive person, who chooses not to react to drama and disasters and instead takes action.

Cultivate a Powerful, Mindful Sense of Self-Reliance

The bottom line is that there are two types of people in life – those that take control of their destiny and those who are always victims seem to be at the mercy of whatever misfortune comes their way. In order to be the proactive non-binging person, you need to learn how to become self-reliant in other areas of your life. You need to abandon those situations and people that make you angry and withdraw from the totally. In addition, if someone or something does make you angry, you never turn to food or booze to help you deal with it emotionally.

Overeaters are slow learners, because as long as there is a lot of food around for them to reward themselves with, they have no reason to deal with their feelings. The pay-off for being a victim is the privilege of eating too much food again and again. In essence they themselves for repeating the same mistakes again and again, As long as they admit that they are never accountable for their own reaction to a bad situation, they seem stuck where they are and spiraling into an addiction to food.

The core psychological and spiritual problem that is at the basis of reactive behavior is a reluctance to be accountable for one’s actions in the first place. Here at the Pinewood Natural Healthcare Centre and in our Toronto weight loss center we have many ways of helping you find out how to deal with binge eating and obesity. These include biofeedback, naturopathic medicine, hypnotism, nutritional counseling and other forms of weight loss care.

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