Facial perspiration can be a problem.

Facial perspiration can be a problem.

Is excessive sweating on the face an issue for you? We are coming up to that time of year when breaking out into a shiny sweat is more common than ever. This is partly thanks to the hot and humid weather, but it also may be due to menopause, a hormonal imbalance, high blood sugar or social anxiety.

When Is Facial Sweating A Medical Problem?

Everyone sweats when they are hot and there are many people who spend all day in occupations that have them baking in the sun or working beneath very hot lights that soon end up with the sweat dripping off of their nose and trickling down their neck. A bit of facial sweat is normal if you are exerting yourself physically in hot weather.

Facial sweatng can be hereditary. Some very fair people also have a constitution that causes them to also sweat as they blush, which is something that they may have done since childhood. If you have had a naturally muggy constitution since birth, then there might not be much for you to worry about, except carrying a clean hanky with you all of the time.

Facial sweating is also normal if you are going through menopause. In this case, all you can do is put up with the hot flashes that cause you drip with sweat and avoid situations that make you anxious or that are too hot for you. Cooling yourself down with a with a chilled wet cloth or splashing cold water on your face and wrists can help you cool down and stop sweating. Menopausal women can also use powder papers, which are light rice paper with a bit of powder on them that can be patted on the skin to help absorb the shiny sweat and oil.

Excessive facial sweating is also a symptom of Type 2 Diabetes, which can be life threatening if it goes untreated. If your face sweats when you make the slightest exertion, even in cooler weather or after you finish eating, then it is time to see a doctor to get your blood sugar levels tested

Facial sweating is not normal if you suffer from Focal Hyperhidrosis. This describes facial sweating that appears to have no apparent physical cause, and that may be caused social anxiety or a phobia of some kind. If experiencing a strong emotion, such as shame, triggers sweating then you might suffer from Focal Hyperhidrosis.

How to Treat Facial Sweating Naturally

The allopathic medical community treats excessive sweating on the face with many different types of medication, including medications that control insulin resistance, antidepressants, anti-consultants and opiates. This is because many doctors believe that high or low blood sugar and psychological issues such as chronic anxiety cause excessive face perspiration. However, many of these medications have side effects that can make matters worse.

In order to help control your facial sweating you might try:

  1. Drinking tomato juice twice a day. This is an old folk remedy that seems to have the effect of reducing episodes of facial sweating in some people.
  2. Drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of honey every morning. This works by encouraging your body to eliminate toxins through your digestive system, instead of through your skin.
  3. Add more of the herb sage to your diet or take it as a supplement. Sage helps the body to regulate its inner temperature, which can be a problem for people with blood sugar disorders.

Note that it is a very bad idea to every use antiperspirant on your face as it is very toxic. It will also clog your skin pores and ruin your complexion.

If you would like to explore alternative natural treatments when it comes to treating your facial perspiration, the Pinewood Natural Healthcare Centre has many options to try and help you determine what is causing it in the first place. We offer naturopathic testing, IV therapy, biofeedback, nutritional advice and mesotherapy to help assist you with this issue

To investigate any oany health issue visit the Pinewood Natural Healthcare Centre website that has a list of full services and products at www.pinewoodhealth.ca. You cancel our Toronto Office at  (416)-656- 8100.  We also have an office in Pickering, Ontario at (905)-427-0057. You can also email us at info@pinewoodhealth.ca and we would be pleased to answer any question that you have about our holistic health services.





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