Weight gain after age 50 might not be your fault!

Weight gain after age 50 is not your fault.

Are you over the age of fifty and finding it harder and harder to lose weight, despite the fact that you are eating right and doing your best to stay on track with your exercise goals? If so you are not alone. There are a number of very good scientific reasons as to why you might be losing weight and not all of them are your fault.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight After Age 50

As you can see, there are some powerful physiological and inescapable lifestyle routines that exist that can really stack the odds against you when you are trying to lose those pounds. Here are some main reasons why you may not be losing the weight.

By age fifty, your metabolism is burning calories at two-thirds the rate it was at age twenty. By the time you are fifty, with a few exceptions, your daily calorie burn is severely limited. How bad this is going to be can depend on your genetics, over which you have no control. However, you do have some control over your diet, activity level and managing your stress levels, which are factors that can contribute to weight gain

By age fifty, both sexes begin to produce less of the hormones that regulate their hormones. Women start losing estrogen, which causes endocrine system to shut right down and causes insulin resistance and weight gain. Many men also begin to experience andropause at this age, and this lack of androgen hormone in their bodies produces muscle waiting.

Your slowing metabolism causes muscles wasting, which in turn sabotages your ability to burn calories while your body is at rest. The more muscle you have in your body, the more calories you burn even when you are not exercising. Instead of using carbs to build muscle, your body starts storing fat in all the wrong places, resulting in flab, muffin tops, double chins and cellulite. It does not help that many of us in todays lead a sedentary lifestyle that makes us further vulnerable to weight gain.

The fact that your frame is carrying extra pounds puts stress on your muscles and joints and causes the kind of aches and pain that prevents you from exercising much. The lack of exercise exacerbates the situation and you find yourself gaining even more weight as your sedentary body packs on the pounds. This traps you in a vicious cycle of becoming less likely to move around, which in turn limits your mobility and makes you even more obese.

The bigger you get, the hungrier you get, thanks to the fact that your body is producing more hunger hormones such as ghrelin and leptin. These hormones increase production in order to feed your increasing bulk, making it harder than ever for you to lose weight. Your base metabolism also increases, so you need to eat more simply to maintain your body’s energy levels while you are at rest.

Most people who are now about fifty years old were raised on diets that caused them to have insulin resistance later in life. This was not your fault because in your younger years, you had no idea that all this fat and sugar that tasted so good was so bad for you. This generation of zoomers and boomers has consumed more sugar, saturated fats and sodium than any other generation in human history, and the result is unprecedented numbers of obese people due to insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes.

Most people over the age of fifty have been and still are being exposed to some kind of environmental pollution that has disrupted the normal function of their hormones. The end result is malfunctioning thyroid and pituitary glands and internal inflammation that stresses out the cardiovascular system and all of the hormones. This is not your fault because you simply did not know that the plastics you were storing your food in contained estrogens that could alter your metabolism or that those cigarettes you were smoking could cause metabolic resistance, inflammation and weight gain.

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