Cold sore

Cold sores can be prevented with natural remedies and changes to your lifestyle.

Can you cure cold sores? The short answer is no, because they are caused by a virus. This is also a chronic condition with a predictable cycle, beginning with a warm, tingling and itchy feeling on or near the lips that turns into a crusty, bleeding sore that can last up to a month

Also known as fever blisters,cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex 1 virus (HSV1) This is a very contagious virus and many people catch it in childhood after inadvertently being in contact with an infected adult. The virus is transmitted in manny ways including through touching, kissing, the sharing of utensils, towels and soap, telephones and keyboards and sharing beverages.

Outbreaks of cold sores are have many triggers including dry heat (so common in the winter months), windy weather, exposure to the sun, eating a lot of sugar and any kind of immune system suppression. Stress is problematic because there are so many causes including random emotional, psychological and physical factors, prescription and recreational drug factors, addiction and long-term chronic diseases like HIV and Type 2 Diabetes.

Here are some practical, natural ways to prevent and deal with this painful and often social embarrassing condition.

B-Vitamins Helps Prevent Cold Sore Outbreaks

Taking a time-released B-stress complex vitamin every day can help prevent breakouts. Consider taking 5000 mcg of B12 a day on top of that to help strengthen your immune system and relieve your body of the nervous stress that is often responsible for a breakout. A healthy nervous system is crucial because the H5V1 virus lies dormant in the nerves until triggered by stress.

Lysine Helps Manage Cold Sores

Cold sores thrive in a body that is rich in in the amino-acid L-arginine. When you take Lysine, which is another amino acid, the virus slows down it rapid replication. This is because Lysine creates a deficit of L-arginine in your body, which helps starves the HSV1 virus. Taking lysine can work as a preventative measure for outbreaks and it can also help shorten the duration of any acute breakout.

Eating foods rich in lysine can also help avoid outbreaks. These foods include beef, chicken, cheese and yogurt. If you are not insulin resistance, you can also have milk and potatoes.

You should also avoid foods that are high in the amino acid Arginine in general. This includes nuts chocolate and wheat. Eating these foods while you are broken out can prolong this painful condition

Adopt Healthier Lifestyle Habits

There are many simple lifestyle changes that you can adopt to avoid the stress that can trigger an outbreak of cold sores. Many of these measures will also prevent you from infecting others.

*Carry hand sanitizer with you all of the time and use it after touching anything that might be germ-laden such as ATM pads, gas pumps, debit machines and public washroom handles and fixtures

*Wrap your face with a scarf if it is windy out as even the slight touch of a breeze can irritate your nerves and cause a breakout

*Make sure that you wear a lip-balm with a sunscreen to help prevent your lips from drying out

*Do not chew on pens or pencils and do your best not to borrow other people’s writing instrument

*Clean your cell phone and keyboard often with a mild disinfectant

*Know that stress triggers the outbreaks and learn how to pace yourself and take it easy when you start feeling overwhelmed by life.

*Get plenty of rest every night so that your immune system is always in good shape

*Wash all linens as frequently as you can, especially during an outbreak, to avoid reinfecting yourself

*After an outbreak of cold sores is over, throw away the toothbrush you used during the outbreak.

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