Walking in cold weather has many health benefits.

Walking in cold weather has many health benefits.

Are there health benefits to taking a stroll in the cold? Believe it or not, taking a stroll when it’s cold can actually be beneficial for both your mind and body.

Here are several ways that taking a walk for twenty or more, even in the extreme cold can do everything from increase your calorie expenditure, rev up your metabolism, boost your immunity, solve insomnia and make you feel cheerier. It is also one of the most natural ways to lose weight.

Just make sure that before you take a big stroll in the cold that you have bundled up nicely, wearing warm boots, an underlayer, a jacket, hat and mittens. Dress in layers, so that if you do get too hot, you can always unzip an article of clothing. It is also helpful to bring a bottle of water or thermos of hot green tea or cocoa with you, so that you do not get dehydrated.

  1. Walking in the cold helps you burn away stubborn fat deposits. Walking in the cold can stimulate your metabolism to burn some extra heat by burning the fat that your body stores away to use during an emergency.
  2. Walking in the cold helps you burn calories when you are at rest. Even taking a short power walk of about twenty minutes can help increase the rate at which you burn calories and keep them burning for hours afterwards.
  3. Walking in the cold can help you sleep better. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, try taking a twenty-minute walk outside before you go to bed. The lowering of your body temperature helps you feel sleepy once you are back in the warmth of your bed.
  4. Walking in the cold can help you think in a clear and calmer way. When body temperature is lower, extra glucose is sent to the brain, which improves both mood and thinking processes.
  5. Walking in the cold air can improve your breathing. Colder air tends to have less ozone and pollution than warm air, making it easier for you to take deep long breaths.
  6. Walking in the cold are can stimulate your circulation. Your body’s circulatory system works harder to keep all of your extremities warm. Blood vessels in your skin become more responsive, which in turn, gives your skin that healthy slightly pink flush.
  7. Walking in cold air seems to help your body fight infection. When the body chills, the cells that protect you are from bacteria and viruses multiply, thus supplying you with extra immunity during cold and flu season.
  8. If you are a runner, it is easier to burn calories and get your heart rate up. This is because hot and humid weather stresses your body out. The cold weather places less stress on the body and you are able to burn more calories because you can run for a long period of time.

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