Are you overweight? Feeling fatigued? Forgetting where you put things? This might not just be due to eating too much junk food, not getting enough sleep or being to stressed out to focus on what you are doing. It just might be due to an undiagnosed thyroid condition called hypothyroidism. There are no exact statistics available for how prevelant it is in Canada, but the National Thyroid Associations in the United States say that 12% of the population develops it and that women are eight times

Woman asleep on book on desk

Woman asleep on book on desk

more likely to get it then men. It is also surmised that most people who do have thyroid disease don’t know that they have it, because they feel that their condition might be due to other factors.

The Top Ten Signs That You Might Have A Thyroid Problem

  1. You are gaining weight at a rapid rate and just can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you do. If you are fighting a losing battle with your weight it can mean that your thyroid is not producing enough thyroid hormone or that the thyroid you do have is not interacting with your metabolism properly.
  1. You are suffering from digestive issues such as gas, diarrhea and constipation. Many people will attribute these symptoms to a gluten allergy or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) when it reality, a malfunctioning thyroid might be causing the symptom.
  1. You feel nervous and shaky, so much so that your heart races for no reason.

Your thyroid helps regulate the way your adrenal glands work, releasing “fight or flight” signals even when you are not any stress at all. Often this type of symptom is blamed on a psychological problem or stress, when really it is due to an imbalance in hormones.

  1. You suffer from free-floating anxiety and break out into a cold sweat for no reason. Feeling cold, clammy and fearful might be the result of your thyroid overproducing some types of hormones and overproducing others, thus affecting all of the organs in your endocrine and lymphatic systems. Sometimes this type of anxiety is treated with anti-depressants and anti-psychotic medications that simply make the problem worse
  1. You feel exhausted and like you have no energy. If you can’t find the energy to accomplish even the simplest of tasks and find that taking naps during the day does not remedy the problem, then you might possibly have a malfunctioning thyroid. Before you let yourself be diagnosed with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, make sure that you get tested to make sure that your thyroid is functioning normally.
  1. You feel depressed and cannot seem to look on the bright side of life. A malfunctioning thyroid can make it difficult for you to get up out of bed and the fact that a lack of the hormone can make you feel so sluggish and sick is hard emotionally and also hard on the self-esteem. Very often what is diagnosed as depression is actually lethargy due to a thyroid issue.
  1. You feel foggy, forgetful and confused. You may not be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease just yet. A major symptom of a thyroid deficiency is brain fog, because the glucose that physically feeds your brain from is not being triggered to release properly by the thyroid. A lack of regulated thyroid delivery in the body in affects the pancreas and blood sugar levels causing the foggy feeling .
  2. You are suffering from dry skin, your hair is thinning and your fingernails are thin and have ridges. Your skin, nails and hair rely on protein in order to be healthy and when thyroid dysfunction is present, protein is wasted rather than used to build up your body.
  1. You have very cold hands and feet and always feel cold. This could be a sign of an underperforming thyroid. If you take your temperature and it is always below 98.5 it is possible that you have thyroid disease.
  1. Your thyroid is actually swollen and you can feel it or see it beneath the skin.

When your thyroid is not working properly it becomes swollen and inflamed, so much so that you might have problems swallowing. There is a simple test to determine whether or not your thyroid a d is swollen. Put two fingers gently in the “nest” of your collarbone below your neck. Your thyroid is there. Lean your head back and swallow hard. If you feel a protrusion or lump, it is likely that your thyroid is inflamed. Keep in mind that this lump is different than the Adam’s apple, which is a bit further up your neck and is a hard lump that is supposed to move every time you swallow.

If you are concerned that you may be suffering from an underactive thyroid we can take a detailed look at your thyroid and other hormonal levels using specialized blood testing and dark field microscopy blood analysis. Thyroid hormone treatment can also e part of hormone replacement therapy, which we also offer at the Pinewood Natural Healthcare center.

For more information about naturally correcting an underactive therapy or to book a consultation about anti-aging, naturopathic testing, weight loss programs or any health issue you may be experiencing, visit the Pinewood Natural Healthcare Centre website that has a list of full services and products at

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