Are you wondering if it is possible to lose weight, just by drinking infused water? The trendy new name for these waters brewed in sliced fruit, produce and herbs is the term flush water

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Bottles of Fat Flush Water that are made ahead and ready to drink.

Infused waters have been around a while, but not all of them will help you shed pounds and lose the inches from your waist. These belly busting waters are equally as refreshing as other types of infused water, but a true fat flushing recipe will contain ingredients that are known for being diuretic, speeding up the metabolism and flushing fat and waste from your tissues

Yet another way that fat flush water can help you lose weight is as a replacement beverage for any type of cola that you might be drinking on a regular basis. If you are drinking regular cola, you are poisoning your system with sugars such as glucose and fructose.. If you are drinking diet colas, you are poisoning yourself with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose. Almost all artificially sweetened beverages contain too much sodium, which causes insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar levels

Fat Flush Water For Weight Loss Recipe

First off, you need to buy some jugs of distilled water. If you truly are interested in helping rinse out every cell in your body, then mineral water or spring water will not do. Most commercial bottled waters contain minerals that interfere with the fat flushing process. The worst of these is sodium, which is a major cause of water retention and high blood pressure for both men and women.

This recipe for Fat Flush Water contains grapefruit. Grapefruit can interfere with the absorption of some medications so check with your doctor to make sure that you are not one of them. If you are, you can substitute the grapefruit in this fat flush water for any other type of citrus fruit. Blood oranges, lemons, limes, kumquats or even gooseberries (actually a citrus fruit) are almost as effective as grapefruit when it comes to reducing bloat. The reason that grapefruit is preferable to use in this recipe, is that it contains a bit more chromium then other citrus fruits, which fights insulin resistance and helps your body convert carbohydrates into fuel instead of fat.

To make the fat flush water you will need:

the segments of two large tangerines

grapefruit slices from one whole red, white or pink grapefruit

one whole fresh organic cucumber sliced into thin coins

a big handful of shredded mint leaves and stems

three cups of ice

five cups of chilled vapor distilled water

  1. Fill a glass pitcher with the ice. Be sure to use a glass pitcher because plastic pitchers can leach hormones and toxins into your detox water. It is also a good idea to make your ice cubes with distilled water.
  2. Add the tangerines, grapefruit, organic cucumber and shredded mint to the glass pitcher.
  3. Fill the pitcher with the chilled distilled water and stir the mixture well with a big wooden spoon. Try to muddle the ingredients together, slightly bruising and crushing the fruit
  4. Chill the water for at least an hour and serve. Keep in mind that the longer you chill it the better
  5. Serve over ice. If you find it needs sweetener you can add a couple of drops of liquid stevia to the Fat Flush water.

How Does Fat Flush Water Work to Cause Weight Loss?

All of the ingredients in this fat flush recipe are very high in Vitamin C, which helps tone up the entire endocrine system and improve the way your body uses insulin. This results in carbohydrates being turned into fuel that your body can use, instead of fat that is stored in your belly.

The mint and cucumber in this recipe act as powerful diuretics, encouraging the kidneys and liver to detoxify and expel toxins, yeast, fungus, bacteria, mucus and fat.

Drinking water all day can help you feel full so that you do not binge on foods that are bad for you. If you make it your goal to drink an entire pitcher of fat flush water or more a day, you will succeed in getting the eight to ten glasses of water a day that most doctors recommend to keep your body in good working order.

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